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Do You Dance Sexy Hip Hop?

I’ve always admired those who can dance.  If God would’ve given me the privilege to choose my talent, dancing would be it.  Unfortunately, I never really got to explore this art when I was a student because I was either too busy proving myself academically or starving myself so I could show off those clavicles and hip bones during commercial ramp modeling gigs.  (I didn’t know any better!)

Well, the passage of time has not dampened that desire 🙂 I still want to learn how to dance, albeit on a part time and less serious-more playful scale. There are of course a multitude of ways to learn how to dance but my chosen mode for now is in the comfort of my own living room and as a fun addition to my daily workout routines.

Imagine my pleasant surprise then to have come across The Fitness Marshall on YouTube, a new channel which features hiphop and pop inspired workouts that are guaranteed to sweat you sexy 🙂

When choosing videos to work out to, I’m quite particular about video quality and I also don’t like videos crowded with too many people.  I’m glad The Fitness Marshall passes the test and, Caleb Marshall’s energy and sexy ‘tude definitely amps up the fun factor 🙂

How about you, do you have plans to spice up your exercise routine in 2015?  Do you know of any other dance fitness channel that’ll teach me some fun and graceful moves while getting a good sweat going on?  I’d love a few recommendations 😀

What say you?

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