Need Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions?

woman beach prayer meditation resolutionsNo doubt about it, it’s time to think about our resolutions for the upcoming year 🙂

Have you identified yours already?  I know it’s not that easy sometimes but, fear not, I found ourselves a nifty New Year’s Resolution generator!

It’s for 2013 actually but the purpose transcends time I think so, go ahead and give it a spin.  The ideas are pretty awesome 🙂

New Year’s Resolution Generator

2 thoughts on “Need Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions?”

  1. Now that Christmas is over, it is time to think about all the New Year Resolutions I need to make. Thanks for the Resolution Generator. I have bookmarked it and will use it when I am ready to make my list. I already have lots floating around in my head.


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