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Just Because You’re Beautiful Doesn’t Mean I’m Not


Last night as I was watching reruns of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2014 I was reminded of a time not too long ago when I was mistakenly under the foolish assumption that life is like a beauty contest – there can only be 1 most beautiful female in the room.

How silly and ignorant 😀

But really, growing up in a small town fond of beauty pageants and a stage mom who ‘obliged neighbors’ by signing me up to most of them, I had that kind of influence. It’s a competition. There can only be one. The rest are merely runners-up.

I blush in shame 😀

I carried that burden for so long. It was oppressive. I was either in competition mode or not. There was no in between. And because there would always be people who were less, I’d feel good. But then inevitably someone ‘more’ would come along and I’d wilt and feel ugly and insignificant.

<Shaking head in self-pity>.

Then one day the Universe took pity on me and I read somewhere these very very very wise words “just because someone else is beautiful doesn’t mean you’re not“. And forgive me for I no longer recall who wrote those words.

But they freed me.

All of a sudden the weight was no longer there. I no longer felt threatened when a bombshell walked past. Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean I’m not. And I’d keep my head held high and smile genuinely and feel good.

So last night, where I’d normally change the channel, I was able to enjoy the Victoria’s Secret fashion show through to the end. As a matter of fact, I used it as inspiration to continue exercising and eating clean ❤

Just because he’s smart, doesn’t mean I’m not. Just because she’s creative doesn’t mean I’m not. Just because she’s happy doesn’t mean I’m not. Quit the competition. We were all placed on this earth with a unique and beautiful message to carry. Wake up! There doesn’t have to be only 1.

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