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About My Crazy Quest to Do The Wheel Pose + A Question To All Reading This Post

I realize of course that as an absolute yoga neophyte I still have lifetimes to go before I can perform the full yoga wheel pose … beautifully.  I get near-discouraged at times, especially when I had a picture of myself taken and saw that my elbows were bending outwards and my legs & arms were far, far from straight 😐

I guess that’s the thing with beginners, we’re so idealistic!

But not to be sidetracked, I stepped back and dove deep into YouTube for some very beginner, preparatory exercises, and now feel more hopeful about this ‘quest’ 🙂

These I am gonna try this week:

I’d like to learn from you guys reading this post, help me out:  Have you ever taken on any fitness challenges in the past?  How did you keep yourself motivated?  And did you reach your goal? How or, why not?  How long did it take?

5 thoughts on “About My Crazy Quest to Do The Wheel Pose + A Question To All Reading This Post”

  1. Wow! I have never done Yoga, but have been thinking about it. It would be nice to get my body into a shape that would allow me to even try to do a backbend of some sort. Sounds like you are almost there to doing your wheel correctly. Keep at it, I am sure it will happen.


    1. Thank you, Ginny. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do the pose, but my body certainly appreciates all the stretching that’s happening as a result of trying to learn it 🙂 Yoga is wonderful. You should give it a try sometime and let me know how it goes 🙂


  2. When I was growing up, my mother used to entertain me sometimes by bending over backwards, not as a yoga pose, just because she could. So, for some reason as an adult I decided to learn to sit on the floor, spread my legs and bend my body forward between my legs, arms outstretched until my whole body was flat face-down on the floor. It took me about two years to perform this feat. Though I have never actually gotten my feet fully behind me. Of course I showed her. She seemed impressed. Now I do cause it feels good.


    1. You have one cool, cool mom! 🙂 In my case, it’s my daughter who can do a better wheel pose, and she does it to make me envious 😉 Thank you for sharing.

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