That One Time I Told A Huge Lie And Got Away With It

Okay so, many years ago, I was a newbie member at some gym and the one instructor employed by this gym to assist everyone (without their own personal trainers) was just too busy to give me the time of day.  It went like that for several days until, out of the blue, I told everybody that I just signed up for this big bikini contest that was then widely advertised on the radio.

Well, THAT got his (and management’s) attention! 😀

I enjoyed undivided attention from then onwards until, nearing contest date and feeling the increasing weight of the deception, I finally said (lied some more!) that I was disqualified from the contest on some lousy technicality – which they believed as they really felt bad about it.

But by then I had become good friends with the coach and I had already become familiar with my moves so … 😉 😉

4 thoughts on “That One Time I Told A Huge Lie And Got Away With It”

    1. Really? 😀 Ahmm, well I think it’s a ‘handy’ skill to have sometimes. Kinda like a super power: you can only use it for good and definitely don’t abuse it. LOL!

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  1. I can’t lie very well either. But I loved yours! I guess sometimes you just have to.

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am still working on my post, but it should be up soon 🙂


    1. Haha … I love you for saying “sometimes you just have to” 😉

      And, you nominated me too?! Aww, thank you so much. Somebody Up There loves me! 🙂

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