If It Itches Like Crazy

Sometime November last year I developed these itchy rashes on both my wrists.  It wasn’t a mystery to me that they were because of some old fashion accessories that I dusted off and wore those few days.  I didn’t think much of those rashes then especially since tea tree oil seemed to make them better.  I just stopped wearing those bracelets.

The rashes would subside to the point where they would almost be gone.  But then I’d wake up in the middle of the night with an incredible, undeniable itch that I just had to scratch in order to relieve myself! 😟 This would inflame the almost-gone rashes and I’d reach for whatever was available to assuage the ensuing burn that would inevitably follow. (Try rubbing vigorously with a towel on an itchy rash and you’ll see what I mean.  Or no wait, DON’T do that!)

The following morning, I’d have an angry rash on each of my wrist, wider and seemingly with more attitude than its predecessors.  Again I would ‘manage’ them with whatever I was able to douse them with – vapor rubs, mentholatum, my tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, perfume ….

This went on for a few more times (I’m SO gullible, right?) 😬 Finally the other week I bought an OTC anti-fungal cream and applied it on the rashes thinking it would be the end of these pesky things.  Man, was that wrong!! o_O

Last week found me in panic mode, shutting myself off from society, because of 2 angry and incredibly inflamed rashes, much much wider than they ever were and – wait for it – oozing clear liquid like it was nobody’s business!! 😮

Holy Mother of God! I was rotting away before my very eyes! (Wailing dramatically) 😭

I (finally, finally,finally) went to a dermatologist who immediately put me on antibiotics and sent me home with a special allergy cream, an anti-bacterial cream and a week’s worth of anti-itch capsules that I had to take at bedtime. War was finally declared.

At this point I no longer feel ashamed to show you the battlegrounds:


I feel the need to save some face here by pointing out that the rashes started out in size as just a 4th of what you see in the picture. I was tricked into thinking they would play nice.  How fooled I was! Thankfully, I responded well and immediately to the meds and in just 2 days the rashes dried up and began the serious process of healing. 😌

What I want YOU to take away from this:

Skin allergy can be caused by food, drugs, inhalants (pollen), contactants or infections with fungus, viruses or bacteria.  The exact cause of the skin allergy should be determined to make treatment effective.  See your doctor as soon as possible!

In the mean time, avoid applying the following to the rashes:

– vapor rubs, mentholatums, coconut oil, body lotions/creams, rubbing alcohol, penicillin, gasoline, ointments, perfumes/colognes.

Stay away from:

– rubber, nylon, silk, wool, kapok, molds, fungus, dust, insecticides, fertilizers, dogs, cats, feathered animals, rugs & carpets, grass & flowers

In addition:

– avoid warm conditions that stimulate perspiration

– use only mild soaps or hypo-allergenic soaps on the affected area

– avoid emotional stress and tension

– use ice cold compress on itchy areas.

5 thoughts on “If It Itches Like Crazy”

    1. Me too! It was a feat even going to the dermatologist because I was SO ashamed 😦 Don’t ever let it happen to you, don’t self-medicate! (I’m getting worked up again!) LOL!


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