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Why I’m Teaching Myself to Granny Swag … On Some Days

thoughtfulIt started with mild headaches every morning upon waking up, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, sneezing and snotty most mornings, and being unbecomingly irritable.

I still enjoyed working out, denying my brain’s yearning for a change. I’d get myself going because it was a set morning routine and I never explored alternatives.

It took me a while to see it for what it was since, truly, an hour of HIIT and/or strength a day can’t wreak that much havoc?! (My pride is wounded and indignant). But how about having to recline on the sofa, or bed, for virtually the rest of the day because I no longer had much energy. I even lost interest in going out and seeing friends or treating myself to a day of window shopping like I used to because, the thought alone was already wearing me out.

And the increased appetite, holy cow like, this gnawing ravenous churning in my gut every 2 hours?!

But I was still in denial – I thought I was enjoying it. I was looking sharp in my colorful tops and skimpy workout shorts, I chose my workouts myself and truly felt I was making progress. Until one day when my undergarments told me otherwise. Dang! I got out a pair of jeans and holy cow, hi there muffin top! I remember being so dismayed and frantically wringing my hands and pacing my room. What is happening?

Exercise burnout.

For me it started mentally – wanting to do something else for exercise and silently protesting that I could use a break. And then physically – I could still feel my sore muscles 2-3 days after the exercise, despite having done that exercise a few times before already. Plus the symptoms mentioned above.

So I’ve been taking a break this week and I’m happy to report that I’ve been sleeping much better. As a matter of fact, I have such deep sleep that I have no doubt my body is recuperating.  And I’m back to setting gab-dates with my besties 🙂

Meanwhile, I do the granny swag on some days.  I’m painfully terrible at it. But it gets me laughing while feeling the swag 😉

13 thoughts on “Why I’m Teaching Myself to Granny Swag … On Some Days”

  1. It’s good to give your body a break once in a while and it’s fantastic that you’ve been sleeping well! You must have needed it. : )
    Oh, and I looked at the Granny Swag video– not what I expected at all! I thought there’d be a video of a grandma trying to dance or something!

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    1. LOL! Not your average grandma, I’d say 😀

      And yeah, I’m missing my exercise sessions but I have been sleeping like a baby this week so …

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  2. It’s good you are honoring your body by taking a break. And that video is definitely not your average granny swag. LOL. Better to rest now instead of injuring yourself. I’m sure you will recoup in no time.


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