Practical Mind Tools: Create Box

This is such a great idea – putting your goals in a box 🙂 I’m sure most of us have tried listing goals down or creating vision boards but how about putting them in a beautiful box instead? Can you imagine what a nice feeling there is to be experienced each time you open up the box to dream some more about your goals? It’s like opening a Christmas present! I am so trying this! ❤

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~ Paardje 💋

Law of Attraction - The experiment

I am a great believer in writing down your goals, whether they are career related or personal goals. By putting it in writing or representing it in other visual formats will help to clarify what you want in life and ultimately help you to achieve your goals. One of the tools I have used in recent years is a goal ‘Create Box’; a box which contains all my goals and visions for the future. I also have a gratitude stone in my box as part of my goal attainment and training my mind to practice gratitude.

So what is a create box? It’s a technique that I picked up from Susie Pearl’s ‘Instructions for Happiness and success’ book and it is a very simple idea; a bit like having a vision board in a box! Get a nice looking box (a gift box, small storage box etc.) and put your…

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6 thoughts on “Practical Mind Tools: Create Box”

    1. Wow, that’s a great idea too! And the ‘goals achieved’ box would also serve as a pick-me-upper for times when you just need a little push. I love it!

      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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  1. This is a great idea! I am all about the law of attraction. My aunt was just telling me some recent stories about things that had happened to her and I said “That’s the law of attraction working for you.” {However, some people don’t seem to understand that it won’t work if you don’t 🙂 }

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