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Hula the Hoop!

hula clownThis month I’m trying on a fun twist to my fitness routine:  hula-hooping 🙂 According to this site hooping is not just a fun way to relieve stress, it also improves your balance and posture, increases coordination and improves flexibility.  But wait!  There’s more!  Hula-hooping also relieves back pain, tones your arms, waist, thighs and … dan,dan, daaaaaan – your derriere.

Oh my, please count me in! 🙂

I like that it’s an exercise that doesn’t require much space, is inexpensive and is something you can do while watching TV. (There are actually a lot of exercises that you can do while watching TV, but hooping is probably the most fun!)

Let’s see, right now I can only do 2-3 full rotations before the hoop is down by my feet! 😀 But this nice tutorial should help me along just fine.

Are there any of you out there who know how to hula-hoop?  How long did it take for you to become decent at it?

20 thoughts on “Hula the Hoop!”

  1. I love hula hooping! I started doing it two or so years ago, and at first I couldn’t keep it up for more than a minute. I kept practicing though, and now I can read a book and keep the hoop up. I’ve never lasted more than an hour, but it doesn’t fall down anymore unless I stop on purpose. : )
    It’s also important to get one that’s wide enough for you– it it’s too small, it’ll never stay! Good luck.

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    1. Wow, I feel encouraged 🙂 A minute seems like an eternity for me right now. LOL! But I’m having such fun practicing so I’ll definitely keep at it.

      Thanks a lot for the tip!

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  2. My daddy started me young on all things physical and hula hooping was one of them. Though he taught me many tricks as well as how to get ‘er going when I was just 6 or 7. Just have to keep up your momentum and fluid movement. No odd jerks, no slowing down until you have a good strong rotation going. I love it! I’m definitely planning on doing it this summer after the baby to lose some of that extra fluff left over. 😉

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  3. I never thought about hula hooping as exercise, but it makes sense. I could never hula hoop well even as a kid. I’d probably still be horrible. But I would be up for giving it a try. I am having gallbladder surgery this month, but when I heal I think I would like to give this a try.

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  4. I would love to attempt this again. I’ve tried it on numerous occasions, but only because someone else had one and I’d decide to give it a try. But, I should just get my own and make a real effort because of all the benefits you’ve listed.

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    1. It’s so much fun! I’m having some trouble right now prying it away from my daughter who likes to spite me by showing how she can easily do over 100 rotations 😀 Soon I will too – I hope!

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  5. I keep a hula hoop behind the couch in my family room.
    About 2 years ago I was thinking about things I always wanted to do and never learned …. the hula hoop was one of them. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but I figured if I practiced every day, sooner or later I would get the hang of it.
    I found youtube videos very valuable, but it still took me a couple of months before I could really hoop ‘easily’. Did I mention I wasn’t very coordinated? 🙂

    The result … my core is stronger and I found it helps to relieve stiffness – especially in the lower back and hips.

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    1. That’s great feedback. Now I feel really justified to have chosen this over juggling (yes, I want to learn that too!).

      Some of the YouTube mentors do mention that they’ve been at it for several years before they could be at a respectable level. I’ll just keep mine by the TV so it’s within easy reach and there’s no excuse not to practice 🙂


      1. Once I ‘mastered’ hooping at the waist, I tried numerous times on the arms. It is REALLY hard and I have only tried it outdoors … because when you lose control of the hoop, it flies!

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      2. I can imagine! 🙂 I should try that too some time.

        Meanwhile I’m up to 40 rotations … and my obliques are starting to protest! LOL!


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