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Hula Hooping Update

My daughter told me I needed to be more graceful – she who can do 100+ rotations with relative ease. Sigh! 😉 Well, between now and last Monday I did manage to do 40 rotations on good days.  My body is also less awkward (more graceful?) as I am slowly discovering the best way to plant my feet for best results. And then there have been days when my waist feels bruised or when I just can’t summon an iota of gracefulness no matter how hard I try 😥

Starting something new comes with so many questions. Thankfully, all of them are answered on YouTube, for instance:

Unfortunately, I have the wrong size hoop and apparently, that makes ALL the difference.  The one I bought only comes up to 3/4ths up my thighs, too small for me 😦

I do plan on buying the right size hoop, but this will have to wait until after the move and once we’re settled.  Meanwhile, I do what I can with the one I have since anything that gives me a good workout and simultaneously teaches me how to sway my hips is always a win in my book 😉

How about you – are you doing anything new in the area of fitness this month?

3 thoughts on “Hula Hooping Update”

  1. …I didn’t even know there were different sizes of hoops?! That explains why it’s so hard to hula hoop with a children’s one 😀 Usually they are also made out of wood so meanwhile that hurts a little 😉 Those videos really made me want to try to hoop again with another size made out of plastic 🙂 Good idea to be doing it in front of the telly 🙂 Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll get better by the time coming ❤

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