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Day 8 in Indonesia: Some Ranting And A Beautiful Oval Track


My alter-ego Crankyrella has been making quite a lot of appearances this past week on account of feeling homesick.Ā  I’m keeping it together on the surface (like a lady should) but I noticed I’m irritable. Change can make me lose my zen like that, I admit šŸ˜–

Tops on my list of cryptonite is the language barrier which is making me feel claustrophobic. Of course I knew Indonesia speaks a different language but I was expecting a little English somehow.Ā  Well, that is not to be (at least, not in this part it seems) and I have resigned myself to the fact that my husband will have to explain everything the next time I go for a bikini wax as I am doubtful my translator app will be,shall we say,technically precise enough.

Fortunately, I get a little bit more settled as each day goes by and, mayhaps the weather has something to do with it too as it’s finally a bit sunny this morning.

Anyhow, I believe my sour mood is also aggravated by the total absence of exercise, I have been missing my daily shot of feel-good endorphins for a bit of a stretch now. I was thus very pleased to find out that this subdivision has a generous sized oval dedicated to walking, jogging, running, even biking. What’s more, it’s within short walking distance from our place.Ā  Score! šŸ™‚

oval track 2

I absolutely love it! The openness of the oval lifts my spirits and allows my eyes to roam luxuriously over the surrounding hills and the wide open sky ā¤oval track 1I am glad to have found a perfect alternative to my home workouts.Ā  And who knows, maybe I can make a friend or two as I get more comfortable.Ā  At the minimum, I’m sure the daily treat of fresh, balmy afternoon air will soon lift me out of this funk šŸ˜‰

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