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Your Own Special Place


We all need a special place in our house that’s uniquely ours. It can’t always be an entire room but, perhaps a special dresser that holds all our treasures or a whole table top that displays items that spark joy … even just our side of the bed can be made into that special spot.

I remember in our previous house, I had an entire drawer that contained all my snail-mailing paraphernalia. Pens in all colors, cute scented stationery, eye-catching stickers, rolls of colorful washi tape – ahhh, paradise! I’d be at work agonizing over a project and just a single thought of that drawer would give me a second wind.

Ever had that feeling?

Our new place has a second story balcony that I immediately took to upon arrival. I love, love, love gazing up at the sky in the evenings watching clouds float by, counting stars, even following the lights of an airplane. It’s just one of those luxuries in life that doesn’t cost a thing 🙂


It wasn’t long after that I dragged an old armchair to the spot. Then followed an old chair to prop my feet on. And now I relax there at the end of each day contemplating the heavens (and to sometimes congratulate myself in private for cooking something edible. LOL!)

It’s not much but it’s mine. It’s far from the reading corners I fantasize about, but I think I can still add some sweetness to it by putting some potted plants.


Speaking of which, I bought this kit that included mimosa seeds and it looks like they’re willing to come out and play.  I hope they don’t change their minds!

Do you have a special nook or a personal place in your house?  Why is it special to you? How do you personalize it?

3 thoughts on “Your Own Special Place”

  1. Nice little space for thinking, reading, and just being. Some potted plants will be fabulous in your space. My space (for crafting) is a very small, narrow space that I share with the furnace, water heater, and washer and dryer. But it is my space for creating – stamping, scrapbooking, writing, or even computer sometimes. I even have a little tv in there in case I want to watch a show while creating. I also have my Ihome to listen to music to get the creative juices flowing 🙂 It’s pretty cramped, and I have a lot of “stuff” in there, but it is my personal space.

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