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It’s The Start of A New Month! What Do You Want To Bring Into Your Life?

good morning

Hello sexy people!  Happy June 1st 🙂

I think it’s wonderful that the start of the month falls on a Monday, don’t you?  It feels like an extra push to really start on a high note.  Speaking of which, have you given thought about what you want to bring into your life this month?

I have 2 main goals for this month:

1)  brisk walk every morning 5 days a week (Mon to Fri)

2)  make healthier breakfast choices every day

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I truly, absolutely want to make good use of this oval this place is blessed with.  And that it has been difficult to find a schedule I can be consistent with. Well, I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it first thing in the mornings.  And guess what:  I started this morning! 🙂

It felt pretty awesome! The morning air was fresh and invigorating and the sunrise was splendid.  Plus I said “hello” to 3 strangers 🙂 Score!

golf course

As for goal #2, I’ve been remiss about my diet since arriving in Indonesia. I figured with all the change that’s going on plus not knowing where to get what (we actually have to buy steel cut oats and/or bran from Singapore) it was easier to just stick my head in the sand on this one.  So my morning fare has taken a turn for the worse – a cup of brewed coffee with pastries or some kind of sweetened, impossibly soft, white bread.  (The husband says Indonesians generally like their bread soft and white, the kind that sticks to the roof of your mouth…. But don’t we all? Secretly at least? LOL!).

Naturally this combo wreaks havoc on my energy levels, but I continued to bury my head in the sand until 2 days ago when I decided to take on my morning fare as another challenge for June.  I will make healthier breakfast choices this month! 🍎 🍏🍎 🍏

So that’s that!

walk home

How about you?  What new things are you bringing into your life this June?  I’d love to hear them in the comments 🙂

9 thoughts on “It’s The Start of A New Month! What Do You Want To Bring Into Your Life?”

  1. Great photos, looks lovely there. Good luck sticking to your new goals. Until reading this, I hadn’t thought about using the new month to start something new, but it’s a great idea so I’m going to have to think about it!

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  2. I’m also trying for more walks! Now that I’m too pregnant to do my regular workouts, I want to make walking a habit. Hopefully your blog will help keep me honest! As for breakfast, my absolute favorite is: 1/3 c old fashioned oats + 2/3 c milk — microwave 4 minutes. Add half a banana slices plus a splash of almond extract and some slivered almonds. Perfection!!

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    1. That’s great! Walking was advised to me by my doctor too when I was pregnant. I think it helps the baby get into position or something like that 🙂

      I do plan to post updates every Monday. And now that I know you’re sorta keeping an eye on me too the pressure is on. I like it 😉 Thanks!

      Also thanks for sharing your healthy breakfast. Still a challenge for me but at least I’m attacking this dragon now.

      Cheers to both of us then! ❤

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  3. Beautiful, fresh photograph you posted! I bet that’s been taking during one of your morning walks? I bet the temperature in Indonesia is really nice and between coolish-warmish in the early hours of the day – fantastic! Keep it up and keep choosing healthy breakfast – lately I’ve been hooked on blueberries… hmmmm… muesli with fresh blueberries and yoghurt – amazing!!! My goal this month is to attend more pilates lessons and to do my pilates homework every day to get a strong tummy. It will still have a tiny coat of fat, I’ll deal with that another time, but it shall have strong muscles 😀 Let’s see if I manage…^^

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    1. Thank you and yes, I took them during that 1st morning walk 🙂

      The temp is indeed nice, makes my glass of cold lemon water and a cold shower afterwards feel like heaven!

      And thanks for sharing your fitness goals for June. Best of luck!

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