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How Are We Doing?

good morning

Hello sexy people! Apa kabar? (Indonesian: How you doin’?).

Last week I invited you to add something new to your life in June. I also shared with you my 2 goals for the month – power walking 5 mornings/week, and making healthier breakfast choices.

So how did I do? Let’s see:

Power Walking Every Weekday Morning.

I did extremely well on this one 🙂 Not a day missed and not an ounce of difficulty establishing the routine. Well, I’m a morning lark to begin with and I’ve always preferred to exercise in the mornings so I guess I have a leg up on this one.

So since the 1st week went without struggle, I’m leveling up on this one as:

1. Set the alarm back 5 minutes to arrive earlier at the oval. This really isn’t necessary but I found that the earlier I get out of the house, the greater my enjoyment.

2. Follow/run along the Running Mate 5K101 podcast 3X this week. I’ve never jogged, let alone ran before, so I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy this. But their podcast intrigued me and it’s like having a coach guide you from couch to a 5K. I don’t see why not 🙂

Benefits Noticed:

1. Better sleep
2. More energy
3. Increased water intake throughout the day
4. My 4-week FB Reach program is a great complementary routine

Make healthier breakfast choices.

From brewed coffee & pastries to – diluted brewed coffee & a ham and cheese sandwich on quasi whole wheat bread. Not a huge departure I admit but, it tides me well over to lunch unlike the previous fare which had me hungry & cranky mid-morning.

Because of my walking routine, I want to keep my breakfasts simple and hassle-free. I also don’t want to skimp on taste. I might alternate the sandwich with hard-boiled eggs but since there really isn’t much to choose from this will have to do for now.

Benefits Noticed:

This goal has really forced me to look at what I eat the whole day, not just for breakfast. I observed my (bad) habit of not taking lunch seriously and realizing this is fuelling my afternoon cravings and appetite for dinner. I’ve also noticed our reliance on carbs – bread, pasta, rice – and I’m worrying this has started to adversely affect my weight.

Leveling Up:

I’ve started to stock up on veggies and if needed, since the veggies here wilt within the day, we’ll do groceries twice or thrice per week. The challenge now has shifted to eating 3 decent meals per day with vegetables at lunch and dinner.

So there you have it. As you can see, I feel very positive about these goals and am keen on leveling up to keep the momentum high.

How about you, how are you doing on your June goals? 🙂

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