How to Create Better Blog Content That Will Bring You an Enormous Audience

Here’s something I found very interesting as a follow up to my “Why Nobody Reads My Blog” post. I learned something worth thinking about and you might be interested too.

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Get #blog readers by getting a niche. Create and maintain a niche, and your readers won’t be missing.

Do you know your own mind?

I’m sure your immediate answer is, “Of course, I do.”

Well, that’s great.  Then, maybe your blog has a niche.

Excellent.  With 164 million blogs out there*, your blog has got to be standout strong, so strong that it will not only standout from the crowd, but warrant your readers to send their readers to you.

According to recent statistics, 77% of Internet users read blogs.  This post will ensure they are reading your blog.

That all starts with finding and maintaining a niche.

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