Experimenting With Lace Granny Squares

Aloha beautiful people!  I’ve finally managed to pry myself away from my most recent addiction to post and say ‘hi’ 🙂 It’s a beautiful, mild-sunny and breezy day over here and although I felt tired & heavy during this morning’s power walk (my fitness challenge for June), a hearty breakfast quickly brought back my spirits.

So now let’s talk about g-squares 🙂

So I really want to start crocheting wearables with lace motifs as I mentioned here.  But I don’t have crochet experience other than doilies (yet) so I stayed within granny sqaure realm and found a tutorial for this lacy beauty online:

lace granny square

But when I joined the squares together, something just didn’t feel right.

lace granny square original

I thought it looked rather ‘noisy’:

lace granny square attachment

A bit downhearted, I was about to trash the squares. After all, if I’m going to invest time in making it and eventually wearing it, I must be 100% okay with the pattern to begin with, right?

But a friend encouraged me to ‘save the squares’ and try experimenting.  Which is what I did.  For almost the entire day last Sunday 😀

As you can imagine I came up with a handful of fails at first. This one was a finalist:

lace granny with thick border

But I wanted something airy-er, so I finally settled on this:

lace granny square edging

And I think they attach rather beautifully now:

lacy granny squares

My vision was super blurry by the time I finished but I felt pretty good about the whole experimenting thing.  As a beginner in the (wonderful!) art of crochet, being able to modify like this already felt huge to me 🙂

I’m thinking this would look nice as a shrug.  We’ll see!

13 thoughts on “Experimenting With Lace Granny Squares”

  1. Wow! I am impressed that you are already modifying crochet patterns. I am not that great of a crocheter and have not picked up a hook in years, but I could never have changed a pattern and made it look so beautiful! I can knit pretty well, but I am a stick to the pattern type of gal. I’d be afraid I really mess it up if I altered. You did a great job! Love the lacy block and how they look all connected. Can’t wait to see your finish. A shawl would be beautiful.

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  2. I will be perfectly honest, I have never done crochet in my life. But it looks like you took a lot of time and care (going by your post) into making those! That’s awesome! How hard is it?

    Also thank you for liking my post about complacency! I truly appreciate it! 🙂

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    1. Not hard at all 🙂 Once you master how to hold the hook and how to weave the yarn with it, you’re good to go 🙂

      Thanks so much for dropping by ❤

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