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Bridge Tripping and Spicy Corn-on-the-Grill

Batam Barelang Bridge Last weekend we went for a quick roadtrip to Barelang Bridge, a tourist spot which, I didn’t know at the time, is actually a chain of 6 bridges that connect several Indonesian islands. What amazed me was that the place was just teeming with local tourists. And as you can see in below picture, they apparently like to relax on the bridge itself! At one point there was a police truck slowly roving about and saying something on the megaphones, I could only guess it was urging people to get off the bridge for everyone’s safety.

barelang bridge tourists~

barelang bridge

After enjoying the view and snapping some photos – we didn’t get on the bridge itself but there was a nice (and more appropriate) look-out point for tourists off to the left – we indulged in some local street food again! Spicy corn-on-the-grill:

local Indo food corn on the grill~

grilled corn~

corn on the grill

These were so spicy (and yummy, actually, once you got over the burn) we had to constantly wipe the snot off our noses! LOL!  We had to intersperse our bites with sips of cold soda or else steam would come out our ears 😂 Oh my, what spicy torture that was! 😂

What’s a local tourist spot you’ve been wanting to visit for some time now?  Why not go and give yourself a quick treat? 🙂

What say you?

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