Elektra Gets A New Blouse

And the set is complete!  Now I can go back in peace to my WIP shrug 😉

crochet Barbie top and leggings

Create happy! ❤

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7 Responses to Elektra Gets A New Blouse

  1. …wow – very very stylish!!! How did you do that?! I’m amazed…!!! Well done 🙂 What does WIP mean? Now beware – your daughter will be asking for much much more now 😉 A ball gown, ski dress… 😉

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    • Paardje says:

      LOL! Thank you very much. I have to make a flirty dress next actually 😉

      WIP is work in progress, a project you are currently working on. I read it in some of the crochet blogs on WP.

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      • Uuuuh, sounds great as well 😉 Poor electra… she’ll be melting down in this heat *lol*.
        Ah, I see… very good! The other day I found a blog about a lady that invites everyone to tell about their works in progress (I think the feature is called “what are you working on? Wednesday”). Maybe you might like to join in and let her know and get more people inspired :)?

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      • Paardje says:

        That sounds nice. I’ll search in my reader and check it out. Thanks for the tip! ❤

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  2. Ginny says:

    Wow! Another great work of art! She looks fabulous in her new outfit. Great job!

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