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Four Things You Should Never Be Sorry About

This is why I’m sometimes scared for my daughter. I can only hope I can give her enough confidence and self-esteem to know that she is already perfect the way she is. Please read and comment on the original here.

The Clumsy Koi Carp

‘Ello my loves,

I hope you are all well and finding reasons to smile!

You may or may not have seen the video that has gone viral recently, made by and uploaded to the youtube channel My Pale Skin. Beauty and lifestyle vlogger and blogger Em has been uploading tutorials, showing her bare face for a while now, but this video throws light upon the hateful and hurtful comments made towards her and her natural beauty. If not, here it is, please give it a watch as it really brings the affect of words home:

It made my heart ache for her to see some of the responses she has received to sharing pictures of her bare face: acne and all, on social media. Acne and spots are something everyone gets. So many people deal with such a vast array of skin problems and I expect that very few…

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2 thoughts on “Four Things You Should Never Be Sorry About”

  1. I can understand why you would worry about your daughter. Didn’t we all have to go through that aweful teenage phase? Teenagers and kids can be so nasty to each other… We should teach the young to respect others the way they are, and also to be strong against such silly attacks. Giving lots of love to your daughter is surely going to make a good base ❤

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