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Feet Need Some Lovin’ Too; A Quick Monday Vanity Post

As my Mondays are betrothed to fitness and vanities, and because I’ve been remiss with my fitness routine this month (oopsies!), let’s talk about a bit of self-care today.  K? K! 😀

Whenever we travel, my feet always take such a beating because we do so much walking, especially in Singapore.  Up until our last trip, I’d wear closed shoes usually with low to mid heels, which were torture on my poor feet.  My toenails would look bluish by the end of the day, my feet aching 😦

Of course, I’ve smartened up and am into flat sandals and comfy slippers now which are definitely kinder on my walkers.

However, I’ve developed dry skin [on my feet], and it seemed like my last nail polish left me with brittle nails to boot.  It’s not something to lose sleep over, but it’s also a source of insecurity whenever I step out in my new, open footwear.  It was clear I needed to do something about it.

Because I’m too lazy for DIY soaks, pumice stones and daily cremes, I decided to go for a professional spa pedicure instead. The whole nine yards: luxurious soak, good scrubbin’, generous douse of nail vitamins, paraffin wax immersion, and bottomless tea. Why not? 😀

It was my first time to experience a professional spa pedicure and the result is so worth it!  The paraffin wax renders your feet (and lower leg) really really smooth and lasts up to several days.  My feet not only feel better, they definitely look better too – they’re now a source of pride ‘n joy, no longer a source of embarrassment 😉

I think I’ve discovered a new treat! Maybe I could do this once a month? 😀 😀 I definitely recommend it ❤

Have you ever tried a foot spa or special type of pedicure?  Did you like the results?

4 thoughts on “Feet Need Some Lovin’ Too; A Quick Monday Vanity Post”

  1. Ooooo So glad you treated yourself to some pampering! I have had 2 pedicures in my life. The last one being about 6 weeks ago. My nail tech does a great job. I love the way my legs and feet feel after. It is a bit expensive, and I have inserts in my shoes, so I don’t wear sandals much. But I must say that I have worn sandals more this summer than ever. My toe polish is quite a bit grown out and I was thinking I should go back and get another one. I will have to wait until near the end of August as my nail tech is on vacation for the next few weeks. But I think I will schedule a pedicure for when she returns 🙂 The only thing missing from mine is coffee. But I could bring a cup with me 😉

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  2. The cakes on the display surely look inviting 😉 I’ve never tried a foot spa. I never really thought of it, here, the prices just seem to be too high (for my taste). My feet are by far not the prettiest and I felt pretty bad about them for most of my teenage years. Then I just told myself that they are what they are. And they’ve been good and kind to me. So I am good and kind to them. I put a really good footcreme on every week called #pedic and it softenes and smoothenes them. I can’t do much with nails because alas I nearly have none but on two toes *lol*, so I skip that whole part. Your spa day surely sounds great though! If it makes you happy, keep it up and spoil yourself with it – or at least once a month. There’s nothing nicer than taking care of your own soul and body ❤

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    1. Haha! That cake shop is right next to the beauty clinic which is just perfect, I think 🙂

      Fortunately foot spas and massages are reasonably priced here in Indonesia, so I’m taking advantage 🙂

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