I’m Feeling Morose About …

… Will & Grace over here, 2 attractive skeins of 100% acrylic yarn I recently bought.  I was looking out for mercerized cotton but these 2 were on sale and I totally forgot [about cotton] when I saw the mark down sign, what was it – 40% off, maybe 50%, more?


Will & Grace

Will (left) was supposed to become a bolero for my little angel while Grace (right) was to metamorphose into a ravishing halter top like this one.

I grabbed them under the (naive?) assumption that one (a.k.a. crochet greenhorn moi) can crochet with any type of yarn.  Weeeell … it’s hard, it resists, and it squeaks on my hook and I think the finished product (if by sheer stubbornness I manage to crochet something to wear with these) are going to be stiff and itchy.  My enthusiasm is doused with a bucket of cold water 😥


That ‘double knitting’ label just didn’t speak to me at all.  But now I’m looking at it with eyes full of blame 😡

Are there yarn specific to crochet only and others for knitting?

I guess I could keep Will & Grace till I stir my passions for knitting.  But honestly, crochet is like a vast ocean I’ve merely dipped my toes in so far.  So knitting seems like planets away.  And I still want my bolero and halter top! 😥


So I’m in a sulking mood right now and thinking I need some solid education about yarn types and which are suitable for what.

If any of you out there can help me out, you’d be a blessing to li’l clueless me ❤

23 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Morose About …”

  1. OK, after you stop feeling sorry for yourself and you probably deserve it, so indulge yourself. When you’re ready type Soften Acrylic yarn into the search bar. There are many different ways to soften scratchy yarn. Detergent, Vinegar & Fabric Softener – Shampoo and Cream Rinse were two ways I looked at, bet there’s more!

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  2. Those to look like they would make lovely hats. I am into hats. If you ever look at my crocheting gallery on my blog you will see a lot of hats. I like them cause most of the are pretty easy to whip out in a day. So cheer up you just got some new hats. 🙂

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  3. My Crochet Items Gallery also has pattern links for most of the items there. I also have found many patterns on, and I also found lots of free pattern books on to load on to my Kindle reader. If you don’t have a kindle Amazon has free ereader download apps for laptops which I have on my laptop too. So there is plenty of resources out there on the internets.

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  4. I don’t think yarn is made for crochet OR knitting. I think most of it can be used for either. Having said that, I have found certain yarns look nicer knitted (eg self-striping ones) or are easier to crochet (splitty ones). Maybe you’re just crocheting it too tightly, hence the squeaking. And if you find it rough, the finished project can be tossed into the washer on Delicates with some clothes, and then in the dryer on low heat. Softens up a lot.

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  5. “Double knitting”, or DK, refers to the weight of the yarn. It doesn’t have anything to do with what craft you can use it for. You can crochet with pretty much any yarn, just depends on what weight/texture/colors you like. You may have some success softening it but acrylic won’t change with washing the way some natural fibers will. I think your best bet would be to use something on it that won’t completely wash out since it won’t alter the actual fiber. Maybe dryer sheets?
    DK weight yarn is a little lighter/thinner than worsted weight, which is sort of “typical” yarn.

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    1. Oh so that’s what ‘DK’ means! 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to explain. If nothing will make it softer somehow then maybe using a bigger hook will help. (As will familiarity I guess since I’ve only ever worked with mercerized cotton).

      Thanks so much again for adding to my knowledge ❤

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  6. Aw, don’t worry. You will find something to create with that yarn. Double Knitting is the weight of the year. To me it is more like a sport weight. But any yarn can be used for knitting or crocheting. You just have to find the right weight for the project want to do. And when knitting or crocheting a garment, always create a swatch to see if your gauge is correct. Sometimes you may not want to use a bigger hook to get the gauge, because it will be too “holey” and not the look you want. Experiment, experiment, experiment 🙂 And have fun. Don’t stress 🙂

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    1. True, I think experimenting is key here. And, no mistake is enough cause for feeling glum, I guess, considering I learn something new in the process 🙂

      Thanks so much for the tips ❤


  7. Aaah no, don’t be distressed 😦 I love the fact that you named them 😀 But they really do look more like knitting wool than yarn to be used for crochet :-/ I personally don’t find that much difference into knitting and crochet, both feel nice in the hands while working and I don’t know, the whole feeling to the process seems similar. But I’m no expert. I’m still knitting some armwarmers I’ve started like 8 years ago… and croche-ing a scarf I’ve started… wait, OMG, I can’t even tell you because it’s so embarassing…^^ I’d say though if you’re able to do such beautiful granny squares you’ll surely be able to easily go along with knitting.
    You could knit arm or legwarmers with Will and Grace instead. Or a cap. Or a small scarf (I’m not sure one wool is good enough for things too big). Or go on and make a beautiful winter coat for Barbie 🙂 I’m sure you’ll manage ❤

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    1. Ahahaha! You also calling them Will & Grace had me laughing! I’m pleased to report that I’m actually able to work fairly well with Will now. He’ll be featured in a post next week 😉

      And WIP’s from 8 years ago?! Wow, those are basically antiques by now! 😛

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