Fashion Doll Maxi Skirt Tandem

While figuring out how to work ‘peacefully’ with Will & Grace I came up with another set of crocheted doll clothes for the Barbie/fashion doll type in the mean time 🙂

Inspired by this beautiful number –


– the doll skirt is crocheted around an elastic band (for the waist) and is just a rectangle of single crochet stitches done up to the desired length. I then finished that up with a (ch 3, skip 1 sc, sc in next sc) repeat up to desired length.

The blouse is a modified version of this beautiful pattern I found here.

I also got to playing around with some cute buttons which I sewed on as accent pieces on one side of the skirt.  (P.S.  Realized sewing is another activity I have to make peace with!) 😀

I was thinking about taking on a monthly crochet challenge and maybe this could be it – one fashion doll outfit per month. It’s small enough to complete within a reasonable amount of time but also challenging enough for me to flex my creativity (and resourcefulness).  Hmmmm …. 🙂 🙄

7 thoughts on “Fashion Doll Maxi Skirt Tandem”

  1. …I’m speechless – you are brilliant!!! Wow!!! I would have been so happy if my doll had such a beautiful dress combi back in those days ❤ You're daughter is very lucky 😉 Love the detail of the flowers! (Did you ever consider dawanda or etsy?) Go for the challenge, that sounds like fun 🙂 !!! And then you could do a photo-walk with the dolls down a fashion runway and put the pictures together into a small movie – there you go crochet Barbie-doll fashion walk 🙂 !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 ❤ I find that crocheting clothes for Barbie helps me figure out certain things about outfit design. Plus, I love that I can finish it within an afternoon or two. I still have plenty to learn though 🙂

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