Necessity Is The Mother Of Combining Yarns

Look at what just came off my hook! 🙂 Isn’t she a delight? ❤ She’s for my daughter and she’s made from Will.

I haven’t gotten the chance to block this cutie yet because~

1) I don’t have the blocking equipment necessary and,

2) the concept of blocking is only a recent and serendipitous discovery I am not familiar with. (Although it sounds like something I should do for all crochet items ..?).

Gotta read up on that 🙂

Anyhoot, I learned A LOT in the making of this number, which I fondly call the bubblegum bolero:

⭐ I don’t know what the fuss was about when I first tried crocheting with Will.  Maybe it was the brand-spanking-new hook that I was working with, also bigger than what I was accustomed to. Pr’aps the feel of 100% acrylic and/or the size of a DK weight thread in my only-used-to-mercerized-cotton hands. Tension adjustment…? Whatever the case may be, when I came back to Will and commenced serious work we got along quite famously.

⭐ I now know how to make a circular bolero! 😀 I am working on mine right now.  My inspiration for the bubblegum bolero is this.

⭐ I think I am not good at following patterns 🙄 (Or rules in general. I think). Because once I know the ‘how’, in this instance, how the bolero is constructed, I discard the pattern and go my own way.  I don’t know if I can do this with all patterns, but this experience tells me I’ll be happier sticking to making garments that allow for creativity and modifications.

⭐ ‘Good enough’ robs me of sleep ~

I ran out of yarn at a point in the project that initially felt ‘ok’ already and ‘good enough’ 😥 My daughter was already happy with it, and she would wear it even over her PJs ❤

But the bolero was just off somehow. I added the ribbon for some extra cuteness, and also to serve as a close for the front flaps. Still, I couldn’t sleep o_O It needed more rounds, I decided. But what to do?  Hop on a ferry to Singapore and see if they still had more of the same yarn?  Order online (for the first time)? What?

Finally, I decided to make a go for additional rounds by combining 2 yarns.  A ply of pink mercerized crochet cotton with some lavender, fine weight acrylic I had on hand.

And voila! Not too bad for a greenhorn,eh? 😀 Which leads me to another lesson learned ~

⭐ Next time I buy yarn, I best get 2 skeins to be sure XD

Now off to my next crochet adventure! 😀

Create happy! ❤

16 thoughts on “Necessity Is The Mother Of Combining Yarns”

  1. I do this with my hats. I found a simple one. Then I add brims or I just try a different kind of stitch. Or I will even mix and match parts of patterns. What fun. I really like your bolero. It is cute and colorful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, Arlene ❤

      I also think that's how we learn, and personalize, an item – by being adventurous. I'm just glad this came out 'wearable' indeed 😉


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