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New Leafy Family Members

Hello gorgeous!  Meet Britney, Jeanette and Eleanor, they are the newest addition to my family ❤ (And can you tell how playful Jeanette is from the way she’s poking Britney in this photo?) XD

Okay before you start thinking I’m totally nuts :D, let me mention that over the weekend I decided to add happiness to my environment by trying my hand at caring for indoor plants.  If some of you are wondering what happened to Mimosa well, she fell to an early and unfortunate demise from the balcony I perched her on.  I suspect this guy had everything to do with it 😡

(And yes, I like to name my plants.  And my yarn. I’m just crazy that way) XD

Moving on ~

I wanted the flowering kind but there wasn’t much choice at the plant nursery. Most of their plants were not the tabletop kind. I might move on to large houseplants eventually but I’d like to start somewhere bite-sized. Hence, I’m hoping these lovelies are here to stay.  More importantly, that I learn how to make them bloom. (Apart from Mimosa, I’ve never had any plants before).

I bought some fertilized soil and nice pots at the hardware store and re-potted them yesterday.

re potted houseplants

I’m allowing them until tomorrow to get used to their new pots and to be out under trees 🙂 Meanwhile I’m busy making space for them in our living room.  They should be safe there from this guy! I’ll post another picture sometime next week.

That’s it for now. Let me leave you with this very helpful houseplant care guide

9 thoughts on “New Leafy Family Members”

  1. Your new additions are beautiful. I wish you success in raising them and getting them to bloom. My kids say that I have a black thumb. I have killed many a plant. But I have a couple that I have managed to keep for several years now. 2 of them I can’t get to re-bloom, but hey, they are still alive and green 😉 I can’t believe you live so close to a monkey! How cool! But I take it he is a little curious?

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    1. Thanks! I hope they remain alive & at least don’t deteriorate 😀 A friend is already saying the one with the long green leaves needs a different growing medium than soil. Apparently this one’s like an orchid, doesn’t like too much moisture. Doh! Well, we’ll see 🙂

      And yes this monkey is curious but only comes every once in a while. I think he might be the only one around here. Sits at my balcony to watch me work my granny squares at times. Then walks away when I focus my camera on him XD


  2. Those are some lovely plant family members. I like the new pots you picked. And no you are not nuts for naming them. I have Kris Kringle the Christmas cactus plant. He can be seen in my post “THE DOILY”. I have 3 generations of spider plants. Peter Parker, Peter Parker the Second , and Peter Parker the Third. Then there is Shrek and his two sons. They are some kind of viny plant. At one time Shrek stretched from his place on the book shelf into the living room and into the kitchen. I had to trim him back to his pot because all the leaves from there out to just the growing tip died. He looked funny with just a vine.

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    1. Thank you and, I so like the names you picked. Especially for the spider plants, makes it sound like they’re of royal descent 😉 Glad I’m not the only one 🙂 And Shrek is quite the explorer, I see. LOL!

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