I Did Something Risky

I ordered yarn online 😐

I don’t want to belabor the fact that I am a crochet newbie but I really do think that crocheters at my level are better off buying yarn in person.  We would benefit greatly from the tactile inspection of it, allowing us to better assess whether we can work with it or whether it’s the type we want for the project.

But what if I’m somewhere there are no yarn stores.  And I need to indulge my passion.  Online, right?

Ta-daaaah!  Look what the DHL guy brought me:

new yarns

And now comes the moment of truth (or reaction):

I did NOT expect these to be so tiny!!! 😕 😕 😕

amigurumi mixed lot

Okay I need to learn to read labels care-ful-ly next time.  (AND TO NOT BE BLINDED BY CUTE COLORS MIXED TOGETHER!) XD

Now of course, infinitely wiser 🙄, I go  back to its description and the terms “weight:10 grams, length: 50 m” leap out at me and make sense. Duh! XD

On to the next:

Now these are 15% Alpaca, 10% Viscose, 10% Wool, 65% Acrylic.  I remember thinking: Okay! I know acrylic. I’ve worked with that before.  And it makes up 65%, so I should be safe, right?

viscido yarns

Well, it’s not too bad! Phew! I plan to make a blanket for my husband with these.

And now the favorite of the batch:

metallic turquise silver

80% viscose, 20% metallic lurex.  Whatever!  It is absolutely PRETTY 😍 😍 😍

I plan to make myself a blouse with this.  A little glitter never hurt anyone, right?

So that’s my yarn lesson of the day.  I still would prefer actually seeing and feeling the yarn, but a crocheter’s gotta do what a crocheter’s gotta do 🙂 All is well that ends with glitter,yes? Yes! ❤

Have you, or anybody you know, had a similar ~funny~ experience buying yarn online?  I’d love to hear about it, and learn from it too 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

13 thoughts on “I Did Something Risky”

  1. wow, those tiny balls are TINY! Still, good colours. What do you think you might make with them? Maybe Barbie clothes or something equally small?!
    please share the blouse when you finish it – I would love to see that glittery yarn, crocheted up.


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    1. You guessed that one right, Barbie doll clothes 😀

      I’m excited about the blouse too! I’ll definitely share – thanks so much for sharing the excitement 😉


  2. Glitter always works 😀 !!! I loooooooooooooove the fatso whool ones or Alpaca ones or what that is – they are absolutely gorgeous!!! And yes, I’ve also had lots of mistakes like that happen to me – not reading the description properly and then I end up getting a tiny (or huge!!!) thing instead of the normal-sized thing I’ve imagined… oh well – always serves as a lesson, right 🙂 ? Have fun with the new projects ❤

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    1. LOL! I can imagine the surprise when you get the package 🙂 In my case, when my daughter saw the pack of tiny thread she immediately asked if she could have it. She thought is was a toy! 😀

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  3. Great new yarn stash! Love the sparkly one. I have only bought yarn on-line a couple of times, and have been thoroughly satisfied. But there is nothing like going into a yarn shop and seeing and feeling all the wonderful fibers. I have seen those bags of little yarns at Joann’s and often wondered what I would use them for. They are cute and such pretty colors. I can see why they jumped into your virtual cart 😉

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    1. Yeah, save for the pack of tiny yarns I’d say my 1st online experience was a success 🙂 The tiny yarns aren’t such a loss though since I plan to make doll clothes with them. Just not what I expected – will be more attentive to description next time. LOL!


  4. Aha. I always have to buy yarn online as can’t get out to shops so have had a few oops moments myself. At the start it member a 400g ball of yarn that was a LOT bigger than I was expecting! Who knew the other stuff I had was only 100grams lol

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    1. Ahahaha! 😀 Well I guess getting a much larger ball is better than getting miniature ones! XD But that won’t stop us from enjoying the craft, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jessica. Have a good one! ❤

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