Slowly Coming Together: Basic-Granny-Square Blanket Project

granny squares come together

I admit, I really was beating around the bush on this one.  Looking at my towers of granny squares waiting to be sewn together made me wish for magical powers one too many times 😀

I wanted to frog this number so many times as well because of the difficulty working with the sport weight acrylic+nylon yarn I used as the white border. It doesn’t hold shape very well and as a result, the corners are botched.

But if I had frogged this project then I would be left with more color un-coordinated yarn and no lessons learned.  With the repetitive nature of granny squares, I am gaining improvements to my technique such as, how to make neater round endings, how to make sturdier closes on a piece and now, how to seam better.

granny square blanket project

It is by sheer luck that these colors can play nice with each other.  Did you notice I use 2 hues of green instead of one?  Yep, that’s usually what happens when you don’t plan 😛

I intend to use up all the white acrylic-nylon I have on this project so I clear up my stash.  I also have a light-lavender skein which I hope will blend in since my daughter insists there should be some lavender in her blanket 😀

One thing getting clearer to me though – I really like working with cotton.  And I think that if I want to explore the world of crochet wearables then cotton and I should become best friends.  We’ll see …

Meanwhile, my granny stash tower has been happily reduced to this.

grannies left to crochet

Create happy! ❤️‍

22 thoughts on “Slowly Coming Together: Basic-Granny-Square Blanket Project”

  1. It looks wonderful. I have not attempted a granny square blanket yet. My mother made a queen sized bed granny square as a blanket. Just one big granny square. I love it. Maybe someday I will do that too. No piles of squares to seam together that way. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Arlene 🙂 And, you know what, that is a VERY good idea! Just one huge granny square 🙂 I’m gonna try that sometime. Thanks for sharing ❤

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  2. Wow! The blanket looks great! I think the 2 shades of green create a great balance in the overall blanket. Rather than seeing diagonal lines of the same color, the greens make it so I can see the entire blanket at once. I love it! Great job!

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    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Ginny 🙂 I should have this blanket (or afghan? not sure what the difference is yet!) finished within the week. This is my biggest project yet!


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