Comic Relief

This is a true story that happened to me yesterday and it’s just way too funny not to share πŸ˜€

I apologize for the poor quality pictures, but they tell the story much better, so.

So yesterday I was busy in another room when I heard strange noises coming from our second floor living room. At first I thought it was just a rat (yes unfortunately, we have a couple of those here).Β  But the noise continued and sounded more deliberate this time. So I went out to investigate.

I see a quick shadow darting out and away and this is what I find on top of the fridge:

monkey food

I immediately understand what’s happened o_O

monkey on balcony back 2

Oh yes, this guy is getting bolder! πŸ˜€

While I was cleaning up it felt a bit odd that he kept staring at me so I closed the door.

Then this is what happened:

monkey on front balcony

He transferred to the front balcony!!! XD

I couldn’t stop laughing! XD What a smart, persistent guy! Bet he wanted his food back πŸ˜€

TGIF everyone! ❀

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13 Responses to Comic Relief

  1. emmazocco says:

    This guy is a cutie! πŸ™‚ Maybe he wants to be adopted? πŸ˜‰

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    • Paardje says:

      Ahahaha! Now that’s something to think about πŸ˜€ I actually thought of leaving him a banana at specific times of the day. But then again, there might be more than one and I might inadvertently invite the whole gang! XD


  2. orianamoon says:

    I’d love it! Soon the whole pack would be showing up for goodies & my husband complaining about the banana bill. Around here, I feed any critter who comes to the back door, except the coyotes, road runners and hawks. Those I chase off! Behind my house Quail, Bunnies, Chipmunks, Squirrels and I live in the Desert. Course, I’m sure your little primates could be more of nuisance than my critters.

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  3. He’s so cute! Cheeky, but cute! πŸ™‚

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  4. OMG this is hilarious πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Did he try to come back? Cheeky!!! I love it *lol* Thanks so much for sharing :)!!!

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    • Paardje says:

      You bet he did! He likes my daughter’s bottle of Vit C supplements because it fits neatly in his hands πŸ™‚ One day I caught him again and he already had it with him! Good thing he left it on the balcony as he fled.

      I close the doors now when nobody is in the living room :/

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