Granny Square Blanket Completed + How to Make “True Squares”

Just a quick project update: my first ever granny square ‘blankey’ is done and we are celebrating in a moment at a beautiful, native Indonesian restaurant which I will probably tell you about in another post 😀

What can I say, this is my biggest crochet project to date.  Which almost didn’t make it because of my fickle disposition 🙄

I recently learned about a technique called “true squares” which I applied while doing the border for this blankey.  It’s about avoiding having squares with rounded corners by making the center stitch at each corner taller than all the other stitches.

true square

What I did here was make the center stitch at each corner a treble, taller than the rest, which were doubles.  That way the diagonal is lengthened, creating a ‘true square’.  Give it a try if you haven’t yet.  It really makes a difference.

Okay then, we’re off to that resto!

Have a great weekend! ❤



  1. Wow. It’s so neat! Congrats on finishing. I’m crocheting a squares blanket at the moment that uses a treble in the corners too. It looks great on your border.

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  2. Your blanket looks so wonderful! You did a great job. And great tip on the corners. They look fabulous! Your border is so perfect. Now if I can just find the right stitch to begin my rows, I may feel a little better about my crocheting.

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  3. …POH!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I hope it will bring you and your family much joy and snug relaxing moments – well, blankets like that always make me think of hot tea and a couch and something great to read, not sure about the hot tea in Indonesia though 😉 But still! 😀

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  4. That’s a clever tip! My problem is with the chain-3 corners in my granny squares…The first blanket I made with chain-3 were a bit pointy in the corners; the second blanket I made with chain-2 corners and that had to stretch quite a bit when I joined the squares. I think I am over squares…we two we just have no chemistry!

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    • Haha! XD I know, that’s exactly what I experienced with my 1st granny square blanket – if you notice, the grannies have those ch-3 corners too. They gave me grief! I only learned about the true-square technique later, so I could only apply it to the border. Still, I think we’ll be able to slay this dragon with more experience. I’m positive 🙂

      Glad you found something useful here 🙂

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