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A Step In The Right Direction

new friends

Lately I haven’t really been talking about my stay here in Indonesia, and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. Though no longer homesick, I’ve mostly confined myself indoors, taking care of my family’s needs and indulging in my newfound love for crochet. This isn’t bad per se, but I don’t think it’s the best way to enjoy my stay in this beautiful country.

Last week I made an acquaintance via my daughter’s swimming classes, who in turn introduced me to a group of fun and spirited ladies. Fortunately for me, they speak English and, best of all, they liked me enough to invite me along to a birthday celebration 🙂

We went to a native Indonesian resto which wasn’t just lovely and served delicious food, we also ate by hand and were squatting down on the floor 🙂 You could eat the usual way of course, seated on chairs and with spoon and fork. But we wanted something fun and truly casual and relaxing.

charming native restaurant

It felt good to be out, to try something new and to engage with other people 🙂 Being a foreigner in a country with a different language is not easy.  It can be a slippery slope down isolation – I guess, even more so if you’re an introvert like me. Confining myself indoors also does not give me the push I need to learn the local language.

So as of this writing I made it a point to enroll in the same gym as these ladies, thereby guaranteeing I get out of the house on my own at least twice a week. I also see this move as a way to learn the language, maybe even find a buddy or two who can help me. (If all else fails, at least I get my cardio in!) XD

Kidding aside, it is for me a step in the right direction.

after the feast

Have a great weekend, y’all! ❤

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