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Motivated To Move!

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An amazing Monday to you beautiful people! 😀

Mondays are my time to review goals that are usually fitness related, and this time around I’m happy to sum everything up with the words “motivated to move“.

The catalyst is undoubtedly the group fitness classes I’ve been attending since last week.  They are fun and energizing both physically and mentally 🙂 Being in the company of people has also somehow given me back my exercise mojo – which I had lost since my daughter started school back in July.

So why motivated to move?

  1. Group fitness classes. Initially I only intended to attend twice a week, but I have now increased that to thrice a week 🙂
  2. Strength training with my all time favorite, Fitness Blender.  I bought myself another Fitness Blender workout program to take care of the strength training part of my fitness routine.
  3. I’ve also joined this at home 14-day power yoga challenge to help me gain more flexibility for my in-studio yoga classes.
  4. On rest days, I am going to walk/jog at the oval, while listening to Indonesian language classes on my iPod.
  5. On some days, go swimming with my daughter.

The general plan is to do a combination of 2 exercises on most days to -hopefully- see results in the shortest amount of time.  I’ve learned that there’s no better way to motivate yourself than to see immediate results.  So I’m starting strong and deliberate with variety and fun in mind 😉

So that’s what’s up with me fitness wise for the month of September.  How about you?  How are you getting your fitness on? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Motivated To Move!”

  1. I am absolutely motivated by the fact that I am writing a book, I love it. And yesterday, I was finally motivated by the song “Roar” done by a black guy with an African beat. For some reason I just got up and started dancing, and I danced for an hour. I plan to continue listening to inspiring music so I will get up and dance more often. Thanks for your post!

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