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The Toilet Paper Pilgrimage

main street

Finally, I ventured outside the confines of our house this morning for something besides exercise.  On my own.  No husband or friend with me.  It’s a feat!

I was looking outside while having breakfast and thought, “Wouldn’t it be rad if I did a little exploring?! Just a little outside my comfort zones (house and oval)”.  After a superficial argument with myself, the adventurous me won – we ran out of toilet paper after all.

So there I was out on the street, seemingly the only living being in sight.

Now despite the cloudy appearance of these photos (that never ending haze be damned!) it was actually pretty hot.  As I was only on foot, sweat was pouring down in rivulets from my forehead as the sun was biting voraciously into my bare shoulders.  I had planned to go all the way to a forlorn mall that I noticed had a coffee shop but, maybe next time and with an umbrella.

old buildings

So I went to a small general merchandise type store and took what I needed from the shelves and the only thing the lady at the counter said to me was how much I needed to pay.  Well, I didn’t actually understand what she said but I saw the digits on the cash register. So much for conversation! :/

Then I walked back to our house as fast as I could.

manmade lake

Well, this is a pretty subdivision indeed but I am going loca over the absence of human beings o_O I need some socialization!

My new friends live in much smaller subdivisions where there’s people and activity on the streets. And I can’t help but think that if I lived there, I would know how to go about in Bahasa Indonesia by now as I’d be pestering all those sidewalk resto people with my limited vocab until I was fluent! Who knows, maybe we could even trade – his Indonesian for my English. What a blast that would be! 😀


There’s a price to pay for this posh subdivision after all o_O

I wonder how else I can ‘get out there’..?

7 thoughts on “The Toilet Paper Pilgrimage”

  1. Well done! I remember myself in a similar situation … I told myself I had to take a walk with my newborn out of the house at some time! Don’t worry, it does get easier. Maybe establish a routine … Take a (power) walk around, then finish up at the mall. Good luck!

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  2. Good for you – getting out of the comfort zone is always a scary but good thing to do… Those houses look like faces, or even – Minions 😀 How about if you don’t seem to find the people, bring them to your house :)? Like, write an add somewhere and try to find someone or a small group to trade your English against their Bahasa or something? Or meet them up in that mall in that coffee shop?

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