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Meet Leonora ❤️‍

In August I adopted 3 new leafy family members Britney, Jeannette and Eleanor so I could try my hand at caring for plants, and to spruce up our living room as well.

Unfortunately Eleanor didn’t make it 😥 Unlike B and J which were sprouting new leaves, E was loosing hers. I tried placing her outside as I was told she was the outdoors kind but, she had other plans 😥

So a couple of weeks ago I bought Leonora to take her place. She gives these pretty white flowers and has shown no signs of degradation so far 🙂


I’m glad these plants are not high maintenance. I put them out to sun (usually for a whole day) perhaps only every 4 days or so, and I spritz water on their leaves and soil maybe every 3 days.  I don’t know if the white spots on one of Jeanette’s leaves is cause for concern but I’ll monitor it just in case.

Britney Jeanette Leonora

So now that these 3 are doing okay, I’m thinking of buying another one to add to the group.  Perhaps a lovely anthurium as this amazing friend of mine recommends.  We could call the new plant  “the Auntie” 🙂

6 thoughts on “Meet Leonora ❤️‍”

  1. Too bad Eleanor didn’t make it. But the others are looking great! Leonora is beautiful with her lovely white flowers. She is a nice addition to the group and one more would be spectacular!

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