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The Confusion Of Having 3 Drivers


Top of the morning to y’all folks! 🙂

It’s a hazy Monday morning over here and unfortunately I’m in a bit of a sour mood because I forgot to confirm my ride to the gym today.  Again! 😦

Here’s the low-down.

My 3 Lovely Drivers

You see how it works is that there are now 3 lovely ladies recruited to pick me up en route to the gym and who will also drop me off at my place after.

“Y” is my go-to ‘driver’, “O’ is the back-up, and then “L” is there if the other 2 are not around, which is hardly a possibility but we want to be foolproof.

All 3 ladies are also SAHM’s who go to the same gym as I. They do it – drive me around, that is – because of my winning personality. (Haha!  Well I’d like to think so, at least).

Seriously though, they’re just really nice people and because I’d have to take a taxi otherwise, they do it as a favor.

And yes, I am just blessed that way 😀 ❤

The Confusion

But today, I forgot to confirm my ride with Y.  Because I totes forgot that it was O who brought me home last Friday and it was with her (and not Y) that I confirmed my gym attendance for today.

But in my head I thought I had confirmed with Y because I ride 80% of the time with Y so I expected Y to show up at the gate this morning, as usual. But Y probably thought that since I hadn’t messaged her that it would either be O or L who’d pick me up today.

Can you see how confusing it all is?! o_O

So …

… today I missed my Zumba class 😥

And I tell you it is no fun to be waiting by the gate on a Monday morning in full Zumba regalia and to not make it to the class after all.  Well, to be in Zumba regalia is always fun but Monday mornings are sorta like fighting with gravity.  Everything is a struggle and I would’ve wanted to either not have to go to the gym or be sure to go to the gym.  NOT have myself ready and then not go.

The Post Mortem

So I’m rethinking this arrangement.

There’s the option of hiring a temporary driver.  Another SAHM at my gym says instead of the school bus, she has this arrangement with a part-time taxi driver who picks her children up from school at a designated time each day. It’s cheaper and quicker. Actually, this was to be my original mode of transportation too, but the ladies stepped in.

However, I’m starting to think my life (and the ladies’ too) might be simpler if I hired the part-time driver.

As well, I really don’t think going to the gym on a Monday is for me.  It feels as though I’m just adding to the stress of a Monday morning … y’all know how that’s like o_O I can still go on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and then Yoga on Fridays.

I’ll let you know 😀

Meantime, I wish you a positive and much less confusing start to your week!

Be blessed! ❤


5 thoughts on “The Confusion Of Having 3 Drivers

    1. **I pressed enter before finishing, oops! I hope you get that all figured out– but even though Mondays are a little hectic, I think zumba is a fantastic way to start the week. That’s just me, though! I’m never opposed to a little dancing.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you, I hope so too 🙂 The Wednesday class is actually also Zumba so I think that’s enough to get my groove on for the week 🙂

        Thanks a lot for commenting! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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