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Zumba Is Addictive (You don’t say?!)

I want to start this post by saying I’ve made it official 🙄

Amidst cheerful encouragement from my fitness-classmates, I finally bought my first pair of Zumba uniform*.  Voila (sorry for the creases, they’re fresh out of their plastic wrapping):

zumba wear

The Case For Fancy Clothing

I thought I could stick to your average black workout capris and plain, body fit tank tops. But no, those are just too ‘meh’ for Zumba. You should observe my fitness pals ~ notwithstanding what they have on at the time, they still crowd around the instructress like moths to a flame, gushing and carefully inspecting whatever new Zumba gear she wore to class that day XD 😛

Secretly, I thought they were all being silly. You don’t need to wear that in order to dance!!! 🙄 I came here to exercise, not for a fashion show!!! 🙄 🙄 🙄

But now I carefully retract those thoughts. Which would you rather dance in, I ask? This or this?

I know, right? 😀


Loca Over Anything Zumba

Here’s another proof of Zumba insanity – one day we noticed our instructress drove this ‘mobil’. Can you guess what happened before AND after class?

zumba mobil

Right! We took pictures with the car like the car was Beto Perez himself! XD



So anyways, I know I caught the Zumba fever myself when I created my first playlist on YouTube over the weekend – to use in the pleasure of my own home on days where there’s no Zumba class. In short, I now Zumba Mondays to Fridays, for at least one hour.

And then I lift weights.

But back to Zumba.


A Different High

It’s not that I was oblivious to Zumba in my previous life, I just never gave much thought to cardio exercises in general. You jog, brisk walk, skip rope, do jumping jacks, a few (too-complicated-for-a-non dancer) dance vids here and there, whatever – just get your heart rate up. (No wonder I couldn’t do cardio for more than 20-30 minutes)!

Now with Zumba an hour can go by and you don’t even notice it. Because dancing to infectious beats is so much fun. And learning the easy-to-follow choreography is so engaging that by the time you’re done you feel some sort of accomplishment at having memorized the steps to an entire song 😀

And so I leave you with my favorite at the moment. Give it a try. Be warned, it’s addictive! ❤


* must be the same as with other ladies in the class, excluding color & size 😉

9 thoughts on “Zumba Is Addictive (You don’t say?!)”

  1. Oh I love your outfit, specially the tee 😀 !!! I’m so glad for you you like Zumba and are able to do it! I managed to snoop into a lesson finally but it was too much hip hoppy – I want the Southamerican vibe, not hip hop, not tribal, not oriental… I’d go to belly dancing if I wanted that! So I guess I’ll have to look more into it somewhere else^^ Enjoy your lessons and dance, dance, dance 😀 !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am like you, I also prefer the Latin beats 🙂 My personal playlist is mostly made up of them. The classes I attend also only use hiphop very seldom and I haven’t heard tribal so far.

      My classmates are very vocal, they actually request for what songs they want to dance to and it’s always South American. Fortunately the instructors oblige us most of the time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your outfit is too cute! I tried Zumba a couple of times on the Wii. I must really get into it. Thanks for sharing the video. I had no idea who created Zumba. Pretty hot guy. I enjoyed watching him dance 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That looks incredibly fun. I bet it’d be perfect for getting rid of the 6 kids worth of baby-weight I’ve accumulated. I’d heard of zumba before but had no idea really what it was. Thanks for enlightening me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a lot of fun! The best way to exercise I think, as you almost forget time in the process 😀 I’m doing it now at home though. That’s another thing I love about it.


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