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November Blogging Challenges

owl bloggerI’ve finally got November planned out as far as blogging is concerned, and I’m feeling quite jazzed about it πŸ˜‰

My blogging goals for next month are to blog more regularly and to join a community as I do so.

So I dipped into WP’s Events page to shop for challenges or events that I could do. Mind you, the list has grown so much longer than last I looked. There’s a lot of choices and it does seem like there’s something for everyone πŸ˜€

(Some events however, seem to have been discontinued already so if you are planning to take one on, make sure you go to the host’s blog page explaining the challenge to confirm if it’s still active).

Anyhoot, here are the 3 I decided to take on:


Mondays: Share Your World Challenge by Cee’s Photography

041514 sywbanner

This is a fun way to ‘share your world’ through responding to 3 random (+ 2 non-random) questions Cee asks for each week. Visit this page for full event details.

Wednesdays: WIP Wednesday by — I don’t know who exactly 😐

I haven’t been able to find who is the host of this event. I see this a lot in my reader under the ‘crochet’ tag and I thought it’d be a great way to stay on course with my crocheting ❀

Fridays: Feel-Good Friday by Writeful Mind


I really feel good about this particular challenge πŸ˜€ As Carol herself puts it:

Feel-Good Friday is all about promoting self-care and β€œme-time”, which we can all use when the stresses of life get to be too much. It’s easy to put ourselves last when there are so many demands on our time and energy. This event will not only serve as a reminder to take some time out for ourselves, but also to share ideas about the things we can do to take care of us and how best to use the limited β€œme-time” we have. How cool would it be to find out how others pamper themselves?

Visit this page if interested.


There, that should keep me delightfully engaged πŸ˜€ How about you? Are you doing or starting anything special this November?

Well then, Happy Halloween and, I’ll see you on the other side ❀ Muahh!!!

halloween gifs free
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