WIP Wednesday: The Vaguely Candy Shaped Blanket

This week and last I’ve been busy working on a blanket for the husband ❤ And it amuses me to think that after I made my 1st granny square blanket I actually mentally swore off making another such big project for a long, long, looong time.  And yet here I am. Proof that love conquers all. XD XD


I’m using a hybrid Alpaca-Viscose-Wool-Acrylic DK weight yarn in muted blue and red with a size 4 needle. I started out rather awkwardly since this is the largest size yarn & hook I’ve worked with so far but then became more comfortable as I went along.

The yarn has a nice feel to it – warm, gives good drape and has just that right amount of ‘pleasant roughness’ that’s not at all uncomfortable but is something you like to rub your skin against 🙂


I anticipate that the finished piece will have a bit of unevenness to its shape because I started out crocheting a huge square, stopped when I had the right width, and then continued on the 2 sides that would increase the length – hence, the candy shape allusion 😀

If I have enough yarn left, I’ll crochet a border to even it out. Although honestly, I don’t mind it though, it’s oddly endearing ❤ 🙄


And you, what lovely stuff are you creating? 🙂

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11 Responses to WIP Wednesday: The Vaguely Candy Shaped Blanket

  1. It’s going to be a lovely blanket and your husband will love it. I just finished the Spice of Life blanket and while it turned out a bit wonky in places, it is pretty and hubby has claimed it as his 😉 He even used it the other night. 🙂 Last night I finished a scarf for a gift and I am also cross stitching on The Raven Queen. Still have another scarf to finish and maybe knit a few more.

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  2. Arlene says:

    I made a Halloween costume for my new grandson(posted a blog for it) I crocheted a bag, I need to make a liner for it yet. I am actively working on a Santa Claus outfit for my grandson. I have the hat, booties and pants finished I am working on a little cardigan now. I still have the baby blanket to finish for him. I will pick that back up when I finish the cardigan. 🙂

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    • Paardje says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of cute stuff and the Santa outfit would make such a fun gift set for Christmas 🙂

      I am interested to take on another project alongside the candy shaped blanket, but I’m afraid it might divert too much of my attention. Good thing I’m almost done with it though 🙂 Maybe next week I can commence on a new project.

      And I’ve always been interested to try my hand at bags, but the lining continues to daunt me. LOL!

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  3. Arlene says:

    Oh, posted a blog about the bag and Santa Suit. The post has links to the patterns I used. So know my previous comment will make more since.
    Here it the link to the post: https://arlenedavidsully.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/recent-things-from-my-hook-and-some-still-on-my-hook/

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