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Over The Weekend I …

colorful usher… tested my fear of heights yet again by taking a Skyride via the Skyline Sentosa Luge.

If you expect pictures, I’m sorry, that colorful little usher at the top of this blogpost is all you’re gonna get. Who cares about pictures when concentrating so hard on having a firm grip, not looking down on tree tops, making sure my flip-flops stay on my feet, and silently praying for a speedy deliverance! XD

My daughter – failing to notice how intently I was studying the deeply fascinating cable lines above us – kept encouraging me to enjoy the view. While over to our right my husband kept taking botched selfie after botched selfie as a way to disguise his own discomfort XD

Afterwards, all 3 of us agreed we enjoyed it and might even try it again sometime soon. (Ha!)

What have you done over the weekend? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Over The Weekend I …”

    1. You can say that again! My neck remained stiff for some time afterwards XD LOL!

      Scrapbooking and stitching sounds really nice, Ginny. You can give me that anytime too ❤

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