What do Candy Cascade, Black Widow and Blush Cherry Jam have in common?


candy cascade
candy cascade

They are all crochet projects on hold because I ran out of yarn 😮


Was I wrong to take on a hobby for which there are no supplies nearby? 😦 Whenever this happens I have 2 options:  a rock and a hard place XD Seriously, either I hop on a ferry to Singapore or I go online.

Both options come with extra costs that I wish I could avoid by walking or driving to a yarn store.  Or use to buy more yarn!

black widow
black widow

But, focusing on the things that I can control: I think the problem is partly because I still have to learn how to estimate yarn usage.  I think that comes with experience.

Also, I let the yarn speak to me before I decide what to make 🙄 I believe the better way to go -especially in my situation – would be to identify the project first and then buy the yarn.

🙄 🙄 🙄

blush cherry jam
blush cherry jam

Oh well, the crochet must go on! I’m working on Rainbelle at the moment while pondering my yarny situation.


Got any tips for me for making sure I have enough yarn? What do you do when the store itself runs out of the yarn you’re using for your project?

Oh and, more on Rainbelle next week! 🙂 (Hopefully I can finish her) ❤


12 thoughts on “What do Candy Cascade, Black Widow and Blush Cherry Jam have in common?”

  1. I’ve had this issue so many times… Even when I tried to plan ahead, I ended up counting wrong and then none of the stores nearby had the right colour in stock anymore so I had to buy a completely different weight of yarn and double it to finish my project… Real nightmare! I hope you find the same yarn next time you go to Singapore. I’m crossing my fingers for you 😌

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    1. Aww, really, you too? Such a bummer whenever that happens. And there we are so excited about finishing the piece! Anyway, glad it’s not something that only newbies experience 🙂 I am hoping too that I find them in Singapore.

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    1. Yeah, trying to avoid going online but I can’t have these 3 go to waste either. I guess next time I should really just know what to make first or, buy lots of the yarn in one go.

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      1. Haha … now there’s an idea 😀 Candy cascade is for my daughter and, as a pun, I did try to sell it to her as it is. This was met with groans, an annoyed look and a big “my mother is hopeless!” sigh 😀

        You know I’ve never tried framing crochet, but that’s a really nice idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I now know what to do with all those doily patterns I’m secretly crushing on (but don’t have the tables for)! LOL! 😀


    1. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 I’m just a newbie to crochet so that means a lot.

      Thanks for the tip on the project notes. Now that you mention it, I do think that for beginners, projects with notes like that are a good starting place to get a feel for the whole estimating thing. Noted! 🙂


  2. I had this happen to me for a blanket I’m working on. I can’t find the color anywhere. I ended up adding stripes in an accent color. It’s turning out pretty well for my project.

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    1. Oh that’s great to hear! Talk about forced creativity 😉

      Come to think of it I did write a post a while back about how I ended up combining yarns for a project just so I could finish it. I was lucky that time because I had the yarns for it. I’m not that lucky this time around though.

      Still that is a great idea to add to my crochet hat of tips and tricks 🙂 Thanks a lot! ❤

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