Coffee. Love it or hate it?

There once was a time not too long ago when I had crystal clear vision and even levels of relatively high energy throughout the day.  Absolutely no trouble sleeping, and no trouble waking up. This is me on no coffee.

But you see, my mornings are never complete without a cuppa, so this state of ‘perfection’ is really not sustainable for extended periods of time.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

However my sleeping pattern has been really wacky as of late and along with that comes a fuzzy brain and a roller coaster of cravings + energy highs/lows throughout the day. This is me on coffee. Even if it’s just one cup a day 😥

So I’m switching to plain old Lipton tea this week until I get my zen back.  (Decaf just makes me sad).

Here’s an infographic I found about the pros and cons of coffee.  The pros are quite amazing as you can see but I’m taking those with a grain of salt.  I’ve read before that studies like these are funded by coffee makers as a marketing strategy.

What do you think? Are you team coffee?


41 thoughts on “Coffee. Love it or hate it?”

  1. Sigh. I LOVE espresso. Give me an americano with a splash of half and half every day of the week. Unfortunately, I have bad blood pressure and am not supposed to have too much caffeine sooooo 😦 Every once in a while I have decaf just for the taste. Sigh. I don’t know that it really affects my sleeping though.

    I’m really loving black tea (lipton works!) with milk and a touch of sugar 🙂

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    1. Yeah, my Lipton tea is keeping me good company at the moment. I slept better last night and didn’t want to wake up this morning 😀 But, I still had to brew for my husband so I was like salivating all over the place. LOL!


    1. Good on her 🙂 Yeah coffee gives me energy for my workout sessions too, although towards lunch I notice I get sleepy again. Anyhow, my mornings are just not the same without 😐

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  2. This made me smile. I was just writing about this yesterday. I’m like you. I notice the same changes in my body that you described above. I can think more clearly and feel better when I don’t drink coffee, but I love the bitter, milky, sugary cups of warmth too much to stay away from it. Even though it makes me feel crappy, I’ll confess that I’m addicted. I try to give it up. It usually lasts a couple weeks and then I’m back to drinking it daily. It doesn’t help that my husband drinks coffee and when there’s coffee just sitting there in the pot already made…..well, there’s just no hope.

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    1. Oh my goodness, hi-five! 😀 That warm, delicious line that a mouthful of coffee draws from your throat to you belly is just, priceless, right? Today is my second day of no coffee and I’m already thinking I’ll be back on by next Monday. We’re so funny! Glad to meet another one just like me in this department 😀

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  3. I do l<3ve coffee …my brain l<3ves coffee ! I try not to have more than one (or two) a day , and not everyday , and I go out to have it (expresso , black, no sugar is my thing) .
    Strangely coffee does not stop me from sleeping , but black tea (which I also like very much) does.
    Thank you for liking my post , that is how I landed here and I am liking it a lot 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  4. Totes team coffee–but usually only about 12 oz, with a little sugar and some skim milk. I don’t do all the fancy stuff that people like to do. All that whip cream and nuts and syrups–shoot! You may as well just go eat dessert. 😑

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  5. Decaff makes me sad too 😛 I d rather skip on coffee than having the fake version. Same with the cake, no aspartam. If you go for it, go for the real stuff ! I am only having an espresso shot in the morning and this is it.More and I get irritated a bit too easily and I cant really focus. I guess it is all about finding our balance .. And for my family sake, I do need a cuppa a day 😉 Cheers !

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    1. Go for the real stuff, that is true. I abide by that especially when we talk about chocolate 😀

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Estelea 🙂 And I’m honored by your follow.


  6. Team Coffee here too. Between the three java drinkers in our house, we got through three to five pots a day, depending on how many of us are home. We all drink it black and we all sleep like rocks.

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  7. Yes I empathize with you. If I have even a sniff of caffeine after 2 pm I can be awake in the night. So for me it’s caffeine (tea and coffee) in the morning and lunch, and caffeine-free (tea and coffee) from after-lunch onwards.

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    1. Hmmm yeah, it’s something like that for me too. I guess for caffeine sensitive coffee lovers we just have to find the right level that won’t mess us up. But that morning cup is sure worth the trouble 😀 Thanks a lot for commenting 🙂 Happy New Year!


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