This One’s For Little Miss Sunshine

Hello fellow happy “hookers” ❤ 🙂

After my frustration about projects put on hold because of running out of yarn, I’m pretty pleased that I finished Rainbelle.  At least her!

I’m truly sorry I don’t have a better picture of Rainbelle though, it’s been dark these past few days due to rainy weather. Rainbelle would’ve looked really nice in open daylight.

Anyhow, Rainbelle is for Amber, a close friend and classmate of my daughter.  Amber really liked the bolero I crocheted for my daughter and, true to her innocently brazen personality, requested that I make one for her too, but in rainbow colors 😀

I was tickled pink! ❤

So on our last visit to Singapore I peeled my eyes for yarn in rainbow colors but could only find the closest match in Rainbelle.

I also tried my hand at working with beads for the cord closure at the front.  Here are some pictures.

I think Rainbelle turned out pretty okay (even if I say so myself!) 🙂 How about you, what’s hookin’?

I’m off to work on candy cascade now – you’ll see her next Wednesday ❤


4 thoughts on “This One’s For Little Miss Sunshine”

  1. …this…is…so…utterly…GORGEOUS, I can’t believe it… wow Paardje, congratulations!!! You’re improving so much and creating such beauties for ppl around you, I bet the girl will be delighted to have it and love it to bits! Well done!!! ❤

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    1. Thanks a lot! ❤ Her mom messaged me afterwards with a picture of Amber wearing it and saying she likes it a lot so, I'm happy 🙂 Plus, I had fun making this too.

      Liked by 1 person

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