They Had Me At ‘Best Online Knitting Store’


I’m pretty sure they don’t do it on purpose, but for an online store that prominently displays a “Best Online Knitting Store 2015 Winner” badge, they sure have a lot of opportunity for improvement.

Wanting to finish Blush Cherry Jam and Black Widow, I placed an order for additional yarn on November 29. After placing the order, I go and read their shipping policies – I know, I did this backwards, right? And I am immediately alarmed that I am allowed to cancel within 14 days from placing the order.  14 days?! What the …!

But the order was already placed and they are the best online knitting store winner and the holidays were coming up and my brain was already covered with tinsel … Wait! The holidays were coming up?  Fart!

Brain tinsel now scattered all over the floor in alarm, I google “Deramores” and “deramores delivery problems” immediately pops up. “Oh no, oh no, oh no” goes my brain as I read all the rants and disillusionment, a lot of them quite recent.

I should’ve just cancelled that f…. order!

So they say that due to “festive delays” (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a festive delay!) dispatch on orders only resumed yesterday and that – sweet Jesus – my first order (because they promised me a replacement parcel on the assumption that the first shipment got lost in the Bermuda triangle) had not shipped yet because they ran out of stock.

After over a month.


They had me at Best Online Knitting Store 😥

17 thoughts on “They Had Me At ‘Best Online Knitting Store’”

  1. OH NO! I would definitely leave my 2 cents worth on their page and hope that other people read them before they place the order. For something like knitting, I wouldn’t think I would have to see their comments to decide whether I wanted to buy from them or not. I do with other things. But I guess some companies just aren’t on the ball like other companies. I do hope that you get your yarn soon.

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    1. I hope you receive your parcel without hitches Maura – I read that it CAN happen so here’s crossing my fingers (and eyes!) for you 🙂

      And I really love your blog. So much eye candy ❤ I'm inspired to crochet … now if only my parcel would arrive! LOL!

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  2. Sorry to hear about your issues with them. I’m currently awaiting a parcel here in Canada. My previous two orders from them have been fine and I’m hoping that this one will be too. I’ve seen the grumbles on their website and in their Ravelry group and, on the basis that people are more likely to complain than say something nice, am crossing my fingers that the problems are on a minority of orders. I did hear that they were bought out by a bigger company. But really, customer service should be the #1 priority.

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    1. You’ve been one of the lucky ones, Nicola. I hope you continue on that blessed streak 🙂

      I’ve read that too but it seems like by now they should have had their acts sorted out because yes, customers should never become casualties of whatever internal turmoil they are experiencing.

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    1. Very annoying indeed, and a waste of money too. After reading feedback from so many irate customers it would be something short of a miracle if I’ll ever get my parcel.


    1. I don’t care anymore, Cheyanne. I’ve given up since learning that the 1st parcel never shipped out to begin with. (That’s after 5 follow-up emails and having been promised a ‘replacement parcel’). I guess all I can do now is email a couple more times and wait. But this is definitely a lesson learned.


  3. Surely they should know that a knitter/crocheter is ordering yarn for a reason and they want it like yesterday!! I must admit I rarely use them anymore – much prefering Wool Warehouse!

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    1. I know, right? I got the impression that the internal plumbings are pretty messed up – there’s only so much that flowery words can cover. Sigh! Lesson learned.


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