Patience Is A Virtue

… that I do not have. But I made it through a blanket and that’s saying something πŸ˜€

Because Deramores has still not delivered the yarns I ordered (IK,R?!) I decided to revise the candy-shaped blanket I made for the hubs a while back. This time I decided to add width to it and changed the original square-based design to horizontal stripes with this wave-like pattern in between.

daddy's blanket 2

It is now very heavy and so being stands a chance of being left behind when we move on to our next destination 😦 Awwww …

daddy's blanket 1

But that’s still some time away so…Β  Meantime I’m pretty pleased with the end result – and the fact that I was able to finish it! Phew! XD

I have this question though: how do we make the foundation chain the same width as the ending chain? I already crocheted loosely with the foundation chain and I didn’t have a bigger hook on hand so I had to use the same one. The side where I ended is still wider than the starting side. Any tips?


30 thoughts on “Patience Is A Virtue”

  1. Love that wave pattern where your contrast colours meet. I hope you get to keep the blanket – it’s a lot of work to do to just leave it behind. No tips on your last question, I’m afraid.

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  2. Have you tried using the foundation single crochet or double crochet instead of the chain stitch?
    Congrats on finishing the blanket though. Those waves look great.

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      1. No worries! I had never done it until a few months ago but it really helps. For blankets, I’ve bought foam puzzle mats (you know the multicoloured ones for kids?) and I pin the blanket to the mat before spraying it with water until it’s wet (but not too much). Then I let dry overnight or longer until it is completely dry. Air con helps because it’s very humid here atm. Sorry about the huge comment! πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh yeah, my daughter has those! Thanks a lot, the thought of using our bed was daunting πŸ™‚

        And don’t worry about the length of your comments. You’re helping me out and I truly appreciate you taking the time πŸ™‚

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  3. You made it work! It’s gorgeous! Blocking will help. Did you end with the correct number of stitches? I find that I am more relaxed at the end of a blanket, so my tension is off making the end bigger than the beginning where I am much more tense about getting it going. It looks great to me.


      1. Haha, yes. But I’ve been staying abroad for much too long so I’m also very rusty. Paardje is a term of endearment from my father πŸ™‚


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