Would You Allow Yourself to Fall In Love With Someone 19 Years Younger?


I just finished the hilarious and intriguing book, “Younger” by Pamela Redmond Satran. It’s about a newly divorced 44-y.o. housewife who creates a new life by posing as a younger, twenty-something version of herself.

According to this book, losing weight, wearing tight jeans and getting some highlights is all it takes! Inclusive of token 25 y.o. boyfriend who’s hot like a rockstar and who adores you like a puppy πŸ˜€

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The main character’s experience of this new ‘younger’ version of herself is both stimulating and eye-opening. Thankfully, she has her bestie Maggie to encourage and help her navigate through it. In the end, everything wraps up neatly like a fairy tale πŸ™‚ Except for the much younger boyfriend, who the author conveniently sends off to Japan, reduced to exchanging romantic emails with the main character.

I really don’t know, 19 years seems like a lot. And while I sense that the book is encouraging the main character to not sacrifice today for what might happen tomorrow, she is wise to wonder.Β  Isn’t it a sign of maturityΒ  to alsoΒ  think of consequences and not just YOLO all the way? I don’t think I can play with my heart and peace of mind like that πŸ™„ Could you and would you?

Favorite lines:

“It was as if I’d dived into an ocean that had looked fun and exciting from the shore, but had found myself getting knocked down by waves that up close proved far too wild for me.Β  All I could think about was making my way back to the sand.”

“Suppose I came out as fourty-four to the entire world.Β  Wouldn’t it still make sense for me to try to look as youthful as I possibly could?”

Read if:

You’re a woman – regardless of age – who’s wondering about the romantic trajectory of her life.

21 thoughts on “Would You Allow Yourself to Fall In Love With Someone 19 Years Younger?”

  1. I haven’t read it but it sounds like fun! No, I would never go for a younger man but maybe that’s because I’m perfectly happy with my “Old Man”. However, I can see that it could be tempting to appear younger and to try and recapture some lost youth.

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  2. I know a woman who is 50 and her husband is 34. When they met -she looked great! Since then, she has resorted to having her breast enlarged, she exercises constantly to keep her figure, and has indulged in botox. All this while wearing young girls clothing. He seems to love her -but his love appears to be based upon her being perfect -and she can’t get there -as each day she is aging faster then she can fix. Will she resort to a face lift? I bet she will!

    You are a fool to believe you can keep your youth, and remain perfect for a much younger man. Age finds each of us -and when it hits -not even a face lift can hide the change in your skin.

    If I were single -and available -a younger man could be a great adventure. Just not a great husband!

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    1. I only have to think of when I get to be 50 and beyond to bring to mind the complications it might present. Starting with the blow to my confidence as I start to have wrinkles and the guy is still smooth as polished wood! Madness! LOL! XD XD

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    1. I saw one episode on TV and got excited. Decided my patience couldn’t take the installments so went ahead and bought the book πŸ˜€ It’s a great read, they’ve made some changes to the TV version though.

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  3. Oh, that is not for me. I once had a thing brewing with a guy 2year younger and I couldn’t see past his age. It is nothing but a number,but to me…it was more. 19 year gap…that I don’t think I would even attempt.

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  4. No I wouldn’t I was with someone who was ten years younger and it was fun for the first two years but ultimately we were at different stages of life and after another two years of trying to work on it we split. I don’t think it can work unless maybe you are both much much older.

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  5. I love how you write and wonder about the books you read πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening a discussion.

    On the topic of this book, age and age difference is a question we all face I believe, one day or another. I am not sure how I feel about ten years, but 19 sounds way too large a stretch. I am not attracted by men who are much older than me, I might find an exception to that assertion someday, but I highly doubt it.

    In the same spirit, I believe someone who would be so much younger than me could not be attracted to me either. and… even if someone did, I would not feel comfortable about it in the long run. We need to love ourselves, and that also comes with the reflection we catch of us in the eye of the person who standing next to us.

    I would hate feeling insecure about my corporeal shell, even if I would totally feel secure inside. Our bodies can’t hide how old we are, we have to embrace it.

    Still our society holds some sort of fascination towards youth and un-aging bodies, hence the craze for vampirism in works of fiction ^^ valuing experience and seeking external youth. Do we all want to be romantic vampires – un-aging immortals with the beauty of the youth and the experience of a life – or many lives – lived?

    I moving away from the original topic, see how thought provoking your reflection is?

    Thank you for triggering that, it was fun πŸ™‚

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    1. LOL! It seems wisdom travels much slower than age so yes, make me a vampire. But make everybody else a vampire too! XD XD

      True, I would not want anything or anyone to make me feel insecure about my body as I do my best to ‘age gracefully’ – especially someone who matters so much in my life. Someone just a few years younger is okay, but 19 is just too wide a gap.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, & taking this discussion up a notch ❀ πŸ™‚

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