Lace Grannies, Tacos & Bunnies

lace granny square

Good day beautiful people!

I’m making a lacy pull-over at the moment made out of these lovely lace grannies you see in the picture. It’s almost finished too it’s just that I’m in the not-so-fun part of hiding the tails. And you know what a test of perseverance that can be 🙄

Meanwhile, I procrastinate with my Plants vs Zombies.

taco 1

We had some unexpected furry visitors on our lawn yesterday. The neighbor’s bunnies got out by accident and found our lawn to be the perfect place to celebrate their emancipation XD



I think my lacy pull-over will be ready for its public appearance next week 🙂 Meanwhile, enjoy this close-up of one of the bunnies. He knew paparazzi was somewhere but couldn’t quite figure it out. LOL! XD


And, did you find the tacos I was referring to in the title of this post? 😀

14 thoughts on “Lace Grannies, Tacos & Bunnies”

      1. Oh I just took a picture of it during one of my Google searches for lace granny squares. I can’t find the link anymore though … sorry. I’ll get back to you once I do.


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