Beginner Friendly Lace Granny Square Pullover

Hello sun beams! πŸ™‚

My visiting friend just barely left for home and already I was itching to share with you my latest accomplishment in the crochet department: a lace granny square pullover 😎 Ta-daaaah!

beginners lace granny square pullover

How amazing is it that from a group of squares simply sewn together something pretty and practical can be made? ❀ I’m quite pleased with how this number turned out – I even bought that lovely batik wrap-around skirt to pair it with for this photo shoot XD XD

Not that it needs something special to work with, I think it’s pretty versatile. See here with my everyday “SAHM uniform” tanktop & shorts :

crochet lace square pullover beginners

The yarn is the very same cotton I unraveled from this shrug I crocheted some time ago. Something was not quite right about its original design so I decided to create something new with it. The good thing about working with quality cotton is that it’s very resilient and, despite being ‘second-hand’ at this point, still holds its shape quite well.

I’m happy with my choice of motif as well ❀ It just looks right to me. Here’s a close-up:

lace granny square motif

I really love the idea of layering pieces and lace crochet does lend itself very well to that.

Okay so I’m now off to my next project πŸ˜€

And oopsies! There’s a stray tail that I missed in one of these pictures XD Can you find it? πŸ˜€ Let me know!



  1. This is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to crochet something to wear, but have been putting it off because I haven’t seen something I really like. Plus I worry that after all my work it won’t fit right. But I LOVE this idea! The loose fit is perfect for layering, and putting it together from squares gives you a lot of options for the shape and fit. Beautiful!

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    • Yes I can relate to that feeling πŸ™‚ Another problem I have is not liking the piece that much after all – like in the case of the original shrug I made. Fit is indeed one more challenge. For this number for instance, instead of joining as I went, I first made the squares individually and played around with the design and size before joining.


    • Aww, thanks so much πŸ™‚ You really do feel quite fulfilled when u are able to create something you can wear πŸ™‚ I hope you give it a try and share your journey on your blog too.

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  2. I haven’t been able to master crochet, though I am an excellent knitter and most other things I try I can do. I love the look of your little top and to think you recycled to make it. I think it’s lovely. The stray thread is in the bottom pic’ just under the arm.

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  3. Paardje I love-love-love this shirt!! I have been looking for a pattern for ages to help me replace a crochet shirt I bought in Cabo San Lucas so many years ago that I’ve been using as a bathing suit cover-up. it’s still holding up (kudos to the unknown crocheter – bathing suit cover-ups have a relatively rough laundry ride in so-cal life) but I’ve been wanting to make my own in a different color. I tried to recreate the pattern from my shirt but pattern-creation is not yet a strong suit for me (I’m working on it – I want this skill!). Then I bought a similar shirt pattern and haven’t tried it yet (many of them were in Russian – interesting). I totally thought it could be a series of granny squares, but wasn’t sure how to connect arms and make a garment. Thanks for the pics and congratulations on a beautiful top! P.S. I like the Valentine’s sidebar images.

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  4. PLEASE make a knee length cover-up! I have been searching for something…I own loads of basic dresses but now that I am turning 33 I find mid-thigh a rather indecent length (and VPL a war I am meant to lose for good now). Ok that was basically the background story for my hunt for a knee-length cover-up/ lacey dress.

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  5. I love it! My mom made me several crochet tops, sweaters and dresses as I was growing up! I loved them. Now I’m the one making things for my daughter! πŸ™‚

    And about tails, I can see more than one! *giggles* That is actually the part that bores me about big pieces made of many squares or other shapes. Weaving all those tails drives me nuts, so I try to do it as I go. Feels a bit less boring that way, with the bonus of not forgetting about them!

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    • LOL! XD You’re a sharp one, I see XD Yeah, I know I should hide tails as I go but it’s still such a test if willpower! LOL! I’d love to be able to make “advanced” pieces like sweaters and dresses, I’ve still got a long way to go I guess but that’s the aim πŸ™‚ Your mom is the bomb and I’m sure your daughter thinks you are too πŸ™‚

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