How Do You Carry Your Crochet?

I just noticed this recently and thought it’d be fun to post on this blog 🙂

Check out the nifty & cost-free ways I carry my crochet WIP around –

paper bag crochet
in a paper bag – a bright red one of course 😀
bucket crochet
in a KFC bucket – those holes are so useful in segregating yarns & stuff
tin can crochet
in a tall tin can
shoe box crochet
in a sturdy shoe box

Now it’s your turn – how do you carry your crochet WIPs around? 🙂

33 thoughts on “How Do You Carry Your Crochet?”

    1. Oh you must! 🙂 Of all hobbies crochet is my favorite because the whole process – from choosing your project to actually using/wearing it – is so much fun! How lucky for my husband that there are no yarn stores where we live in Indonesia, else we’d have no money left for anything else!! XD XD


  1. I have two large yarn totes with lots of pockets and compartments. They were both gifts, and I use them to keep larger projects organized. But I always have something easy to work on while I wait for the kids’ lessons and practices, and I use a roomy handbag that I’ve had since the 1980s!

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    1. Sounds handy 🙂 I’d like to treat myself to a real crochet WIP caddy or bag sometime too. Kinda seals the deal and makes it official 😀 Thanks for sharing ❤


  2. I love this question…because I have so many answers! For my cross-stitch project I’m currently using a “shopping” bag I made through shutterfly that has a picture of one of my garden flowers on it. I have a 70’s straw purse that holds projects when I have to sit at the DMV and a batik bag I got “free” with the purchase of a couple of outlandishly priced dresses in Kauai many years back that I throw crochet projects in when I’m on the go. I wish I could post pics – all the bags are so different!

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  3. I bought a diaper bag to carry my projects in. My main concern was that I knit with wooden needles, and I was afraid that if I carried them in a floppy bag they might break. So I decided on a diaper bag because they have thick, padded sides and bottoms so I can worry less about that. Also, I intend to have children eventually so I’ll already have a diaper bag. XD
    Lately, I’ve taken to just carrying one project at a time in my cloth backpack so I stick my needles in the skein I’m carrying to protect them from accidental breaking.

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  4. I have a little basket that I use for smaller projects for around the house, but now I mostly just crochet in my room for bigger projects. I used to carry one of those reusable walmart bags for on the go but prefer my purse now (I finally have a reason to use one :P)

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  5. I use a craftsman tool bag (I have to my hubby for his birthday and it just sat there, so I took it over). It’s great, I keep all my hooks, scissors, needles and current projects in it. I carry it from room to room in my house so I can crochet anywhere!

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