Workout Nutrition Simplified

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

Today I’m posting a handy infographic I found over at  It’s basically a nutrition guide for people who exercise and clearly outlines what’s best to consume before and after a particular workout type to give us the best nutritional support we need.

After confiding to you my exercise woes in this post, I certainly found this infographic to be very timely!

I hope you find this useful too 🙂



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8 Responses to Workout Nutrition Simplified

  1. So much information! When I get to the point of working out I will have to refer back to this post. Thanks for posting.

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    • Paardje says:

      I know! Imagine if you have to read all of this from a text book!

      I hope your back is getting stronger by the day, Ginny 🙂 Have a good one!

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  2. This is very good and informative information in one spot..fabulous post!

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  3. Barbara says:

    Wow, lots of great information there. My morning walk hardly qualifies, but it’s good to know these things. Off to down some of Melbourne’s excellent water, especially as it is likely to climb into the high 30’s today. Thank you.

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    • Paardje says:

      I used to walk and didn’t notice a change in my appetite or food preferences then. I guess that all changes when you do more demanding stuff. I’m still figuring things out but the sluggishness seems to be much less now that I’m minding my protein and carb intake. (Yay!)

      I appreciate the comment 🙂 Have a good one, Barbara! 🙂


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