Feel Good Friday

coloring books

Sometimes all you need is a coloring book and a lot of color! (Kiddie coloring books are great fun for adults too!) 😀

Make it a great weekend everyone!

~ oOo~

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22 Responses to Feel Good Friday

  1. Majka says:

    I still love them! ☺I tried a mobile app as well but paper and pencils are just the best!

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  2. natas75 says:

    Love colouring books. Have several (for the kids, really 🙂 ). It’s a great time pass and de-stresser..

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  3. Megan says:

    This is great! Apparently there’s a coloring-books-for-grown-ups movement in the States that a visiting friend told me about, and I’ve seen a few at one of my favorite stationery stores here in Munich, Kaut-Bullinger 🙂 They had some beautiful artwork in them for sure, but I also love the idea of children’s coloring books. A whole other level of play! Have fun! Viel Spaß 😉

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    • Paardje says:

      Thank you – it is indeed simple, uncomplicated fun 🙂 Bonus is when my daughter joins me and it becomes an opportunity to just talk while coloring 🙂 I’ve found that kiddie coloring books are more open to spontaneity than adult ones. I don’t need to plan what colors to use with kiddie coloring books as much so it’s somehow more relaxing 🙂

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  4. JuJu Miller says:

    I enjoy the kiddie books.
    The complexity of the adult books leave me anxious to finish…sorta the opposite effect of what I’m looking for! 😂

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    • Paardje says:

      Yeah, now that you mention it. When I see an adult coloring page it’s like I need to go in with some planning and forethought so the end result is ‘nice’. But with a kiddie coloring book I just pick up the colors I want and go! 🙂

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  5. Give me a coloring book and a good T.V. show and there goes my Friday night! NEVER too old for that 🙂

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  6. Moon in Capricorn says:

    Coloring books led to my decision to learn to draw…LOL. I’m now sharing my experiences in my “Artistcoveries” (Art Discoveries) blog. I hope you’ll come visit. https://artistcoveries.wordpress.com/

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  7. myfitmyhealthmylife says:

    I color at least once a week. I was using my niece and nephews coloring books until I heard about the adult ones.

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    • Paardje says:

      Oh really, that regularly? 🙂 I don’t do it as often but whenever I do I’m reminded that putting yourself in a space that feels good doesn’t have to be complicated 🙂

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      • myfitmyhealthmylife says:

        It’s one of my ways to relax and meditate. So I make it a point to spend at least 30 minutes a day to just relax. Although I don’t color every day it’s in my rotation. I read and listen to books more than I color in a week.

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  8. KC says:

    This is cool! I have adult coloring sheets and I end up finding them complicated. Will try this! Thanks!

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  9. LosiLosLoco says:

    My sister feels the same way. Coloring books are all she needs sometimes. But I never really like coloring books myself. :/ I preferred a pencil/pen and a blank sheet of paper.

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