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I Did It Anyway: A Fitness Update

So there really is something about Fitness Blender videos that keep me coming back for more. After agonizing through sore muscles and a scary HIIT-induced increase in appetite, I went ahead and did their Free 5 Day Workout Challenge for Busy People anyway 😀

And I did it!

The strategy:

  1. workouts must be within the 30 minute range only (this 1 week free program fits the bill to a tee!)
  2. must be open to low-impact modifications
  3. I’d allow myself a rest day guilt-free if I truly felt a need for it
  4. I’d substitute another video if there was one I didn’t particularly enjoy


I reserved the high-impact versions of the exercises at the start of the workout, and continued with the low-impact versions towards the second half of the videos. I did not beat myself up if I couldn’t follow exactly along but made sure to finish each video instead of quitting half-way through.

Day 4 of the 1-week program is a strength and yoga combo which I was definitely not in the mood for XD Who can do yoga with sore muscles?! Tell me! XD So I just substituted with another upper body strength routine to keep with the schedule for the day.

By Friday (Day 5) I was getting quite sore and so used a visiting friend as an excuse to skip the day’s workout XD But by then I also felt better able to perform according to the same or similar program the next round along.

And the bottomless belly?

As far as appetite increase is concerned, it’s no longer as uncontrollable and overpowering ever since I tried some tips I got from last week’s fitness post. In particular, I had to move my workout schedule to around 10-ish in the morning (instead of 8AM) so I could have food before and after my workouts, and this seemed to help a lot.

So that’s my fitness update for this week 🙂 What’s yours?

Happy Monday beautiful people! ❤

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