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April’s Weekly Challenge Update + Challenge #2

Howdy my shiny, happy people! ❤ 🙂

Last week was the first week of April and I felt like shaking things up, so I gave myself the task of doing a weekly challenge for the whole month. Read about it here.

This post will be a progress update + the unveiling of the next challenge 🙂 Let’s get to it!

Challenge #1: improve my wheel pose

For the record, I can’t really do a wheel pose. I can do the second one in this picture and that’s about it. But for someone who’s only done basic YouTube yoga at home, I was pleasantly surprised when I first found out I could even lift myself off the mat like that 😀 I was quite impressed and quickly fell infatuated with the pose ❤ 😀

Fast forward to last week when I picked it as my first challenge – and this is how I’ve done thus far:

Monday and Tuesday

Okay so Monday and Tuesday I lost internet (and phone and cable TV) connection so it was like … “Helloooo Universe! I’ve just declared a challenge here!! Could you be more supportive?!!” XD XD


I was finally able to get to it with this video:

As usual, I was able to heave myself off the floor with relative ease and I tried to stay in the pose for as long as I could trying to correct my form as I made a mental review of how my body parts were positioned.

There was obviously a lot of room for improvement. One problem that immediately came up was that my wrists could only hold the pose for so long before becoming sore. I could try again for a second time, but a third? My wrists would be screaming bloody murder! o_O


I was feeling really sore and stiff from my strength training on previous days and backbending was the furthest thing on my mind XD


I was feeling under the weather for some reason so I didn’t push it.

Saturday & Sunday

Rest days.


Because I don’t have much to show for it (insert cheeky grin here) I am continuing this challenge for a second week.


But the show must go on and therefor I have taken on a second weekly challenge – as declared – which will be …. dan-dan-daaaaaaan! …

~ oOo ~

Challenge #2

Finish an online course about working from home 🙂

~ oOo ~

So that’s me for today and I do hope you check back next Monday for more details and updates on not one, but TWO weekly challenges! 😀 😀

Here’s to a strong, positive week, warriors ❤ ❤


Minions image found here.

11 thoughts on “April’s Weekly Challenge Update + Challenge #2”

  1. Sad to say it would be my knees that would hurt in that back bendy pose, I doubt I could hold it long enough for my wrists to complain but rest assured they would! I applaud you though for keeping at it. “On on” (my Hash House Harriettes encouragement cry).

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    1. Haha! Thank you so much, Barbara 😀 Well this quest is certainly forcing me to do more stretches & body-part focused yoga opening exercises than usual. Which is good as I do love a good stretch 😀 I’m not aiming for perfection, just progress – which is a relief because I might never get that pose completely right XD


  2. I tried Hot Yoga a few months ago. I actually started to really enjoy it! The first couple of times I went, my goal was just to stay in the room for the whole 90 minutes; but, after that I was able to start doing more of the poses also 🙂
    An online class sounds like a wonderful goal. I’m starting a 30 day boot camp in May for my Essential Oil business. I just started and I’m excited to learn more!
    Good luck with your challenges!

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